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Bratz dolls and Barbies

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nappyaddict Sat 19-Sep-09 11:14:23

Would you buy someone (not your own child) a Bratz doll or Barbie if you knew they loved them but you hated the whole concept of them?

MoChan Sat 19-Sep-09 11:23:18

I don't think so. It's hard to say. My SD loved barbies last year (she's gone off them a bit now) and we got her a really nice old fashioned baby doll and she absolutely loved it, and didn't complain about the lack of Barbie (and believe me, she is not a child to keep her mouth shut when disappointed...).

The thing is, though, you don't want them to be disappointed, even when what they want is rubbish. Always going to be a tough call.

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