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Glasgow Hogmanay (George Square/ Merchant City) question

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MrsMuddle Mon 29-Dec-08 23:44:50

Asking for a friend. She has booked a hotel room in Merchant City, but doesn't have a ticket. Will she get in if her hotel is within the cordoned-off area?

Off to bed now, but will come back to thread tomorrow. TIA.

skramblenotdieting Tue 30-Dec-08 00:00:40

If her hotel is in merchant city and not the square no she won't get in to the square. Only the Millenium hotel actually on the square is part of the cordoned off area.

The hogmany celebrations are just in George square now, a few years ago when it was open entry it was over in Merchant squre as well.

Some pubs will have already allocated tickets for there own celebrations so they don't get over crowded, some like Molly Malones are open to all and have live music, but will have a capacity and likely to fill up quick. I would find somewhere early and get a good spot.

Happy to answer more questions.

MrsMuddle Tue 30-Dec-08 12:05:39

Thanks. I've not been for years, but last time I was there, there was loads on in the Merchant City!

I will let her know.

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