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Toy Hell, a little something for those suffering from too much plastic tat

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eclectech Sun 28-Dec-08 22:36:55

Toy Hell - a short snappy funky punky song from the UK's only all mother punk band and an animation by me. I thought it might amuse...
Previous animated musings about breastfeeding can be found here.

fishie Sun 28-Dec-08 22:41:17


AnarchyCunt Sun 28-Dec-08 22:44:27

The Mothers are fab!

treacletart Sun 28-Dec-08 22:48:56

cheers! And I really love the cowgirl song!! have you linked to that on the breastfeeding threads?

eclectech Sun 28-Dec-08 22:57:15

AC: They are. Hopefully I'll animate some more of their stuff now I have their animated alter-egos put together.

TT: I posted it when I made it (my first MN post whilst waiting for DS to arrive)although I attempted to be low key as I was concerned about looking like opinionated newbie spammer smile

treacletart Sun 28-Dec-08 23:00:41

well I'll go blow your trumpet for you on another thread too... here i go wink

eclectech Sun 28-Dec-08 23:34:05

Arf, thanks! I just checked and I originally posted in Arts & Crafts! Looking again there don't seem to be many online arts bits up there but it made sense to me at the time......

DippyDino Sun 28-Dec-08 23:46:17


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