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Which Christmas presents were a hit - or miss - with DC???

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OllieWollieWoo Sun 28-Dec-08 16:03:25

Was just wondering which presents were a hit with your DC - as well as which ones were not???

My DSs loved the rocket from ELC (as does DH!) and a lovely large wooden bus from Habitat. Also the wooden drawbridge from Tescos for their train track was a big success (only a fiver too!!!) Their new PJ's were just silently handed to me with a withering look - guess boys just don't get the idea of clothes as presents!

Flihgtattendant Sun 28-Dec-08 16:07:16

Ds2 (18mo) loves, loves, loves his little metal shopping trolley (from ebay - it was about £12) Not the best quality, and falls to bits if manhandled but I could keep it upright with lots of tape! (it's meant to come apart to store)

ds1 loved a Nano shocker remote control insect I got him, somewhat dubiously, reduced TO £20 in is actually brilliantly made and very sharp in action, I can see why it was dear as that now - good value!!

Transformers regarded as a bit ordinary now as ds1 has so many (he is 5) and the instructions are piss poor, so some of them are stuck in robot mode...I can't bloody do them, so how can he!!

FlowChart Sun 28-Dec-08 16:14:23

Despite their enjoyment of expensive goodies such as Tranformers Scalextric (DS, 7) and My Horse and Me on Wii (DD, 5), their "best" presents, ie the ones they play with, were a delightfully matching pair of hideously noisy guns shock which came from the local pound shop. I didn't get them any clothes, they are always dismissed out of hand. Will wait till they are older - then they will looove them. My DD, 14 got some RocketDog pumps, which are apparently, better than breathing. Remember Imelda Marcos? She's got nothing on DD grin

YeahBut Sun 28-Dec-08 16:18:52

Ds got a balance bike which he loves.

starbear Sun 28-Dec-08 16:22:18

I saved presents from Ds's birthday (Oct) as he had to many. Well a friend dot him a Star Wars Clone spaceship/three legged machine. I thought he would play with it for 1 min then dump it but he hasn't. Playmobil not as great as I thought Boat or Plane!!sad maybe because he hasn't got anyone else to play with him today

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Sun 28-Dec-08 16:22:55

DS1 and 2 (and me for that matter grin) love their Wii.

DS3 loves his bike/trike I picked up in the Woolies sale - although he's gone and lost 2 of the bolts so I've not actually put it together yet - but he keeps trying to sit on it anyhow grin

simpsonsChristmasSpecial Sun 28-Dec-08 16:24:52

DS (3) loves his wheelybug and also a fake mobile phone from pound land grin

Smithagain Sun 28-Dec-08 18:14:35

DD1 (6) loves an irritating electronic beepy game thing that her friend gave her.

DD2 (3) loves her doll.

KatieScarlett2833 Sun 28-Dec-08 18:17:35

Lips for the X Box has been the star so far.

DoubleBluff Sun 28-Dec-08 18:18:04

DS1 loves his heelies
DS2 loves hi wrestling cage

tassisssss Sun 28-Dec-08 18:20:27

ds (5) adores his Ben 10 stuff - omnitrix, figures, voice changer, socks and a top (so clothes a huge his here but probably because the poor lamb never gets character stuff, usually wears stripes!)

dd (2) loves her cheap fifi phone that was in her stocking and her toy henry hoover "just like daddies" she announced blush

both have had a lot of fun with the bath crayons

I had a present amnesty for poor third child (6 months) but granny defied that and bought a fab Night Garden shape sorter toy that spins - lovely!

I am ridiculously pleased with my cake stand...

FlowChart Sun 28-Dec-08 18:21:50

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh - I love my wii too - was my birthday present Jan 2007. The kids love it more than I do shock. Never thought that would happen - it does sad

SnowMuchToBits Sun 28-Dec-08 18:25:54

Ds (8) loved his Lego and Playmobil (no surprise there), but other "hits" were the night vision goggles, and rather surprisingly, the adventure tool he had in his stocking. It had a torch, compass, whistle etc on it, and he loves it. I bought it from Tickseed (a company which another MNer recommened, can't remember who) and it's definitely a success.

FlowChart Sun 28-Dec-08 18:32:13

Ooh - tassisssss - I got a cake stand as well. I love it to bits! ( I asked for one) I put all our sweets on it - it looked great, better than cakes (at Christmas, anyway). Can't wait to make muffins and put them on there. Am I irredemabiably sad?

Haribolicious Sun 28-Dec-08 18:42:20

No not at all!! I asked for a cake stand (well, cupcake stand) and DH just laughed at me and told me not to be so ridiculous! I'm now on the lookout in the sales! What kind did you get?

googgly Sun 28-Dec-08 18:50:14

I want a cupcake stand too!

compo Sun 28-Dec-08 18:54:00

dd (2) got a toy birthday cake that has a knife to sice the pieces and it sings happy birthday ad stops when you blow out a candle
it was from tesco , was 4.99 and she loves it

tassisssss Sun 28-Dec-08 18:56:27

My cakestand was from whittards (could well be reduced to clear by now!)), raised and totally flat. I love it and keep thinking of all the cakes I can make and put on it. Dsil has a cupcake stand that I borrow (or better still she's been known to provide the cupcakes as well!), it's great!

llynnnn Sun 28-Dec-08 19:00:10

dd (2) LOVES her doctors set. I am bored of being operated on and her telling me she's got a poorly eye/belly/leg/arm/nose/head/back/foot/toe/nail etc etc etc!! but she adores it!!

FlowChart Sun 28-Dec-08 19:18:52

Hi to all that asked about the cake stand/cupcake stand - tassisssss is right - whittards is where to go. Alternatively, I have seen loads of them in charity shops. They may be pants but all you need is the middle bit - just unscrew the support thing, and drill through some nice plates of diminishing sizes, making sure you put some tape over the bit you want to drill so it doesn't crack.

littlemisschatalot Sun 28-Dec-08 19:24:47

ds1 (4) loves super gears set, bowling game from woolies.
ds2 (3) lovs drum set and guitar.

SnowballsintheSky Sun 28-Dec-08 19:29:20

DD (11mo) adores the giant Upsy Daisy I got from Toys R Us. Her birthday is in a week or so so I might wrap it up for her again! wink

PlonkerAlkaseltzerInMyGlass Sun 28-Dec-08 19:37:04

Dd1 (nearly 9) - her fluffy dressing gown grin
Dd2 (5) - a huge craft box
Dd3 (17 months) - upsy daisy and her bed!

My fav thing is my snuggly Pj's (which i haven't taken off today <slattern>)
Dh's fav is his sat nav system. Boys and their toys grin

No misses ...well, not that anyone has expressed anyway wink

RubyrubytheRubynosedReindeer Sun 28-Dec-08 19:41:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mimia Sun 28-Dec-08 20:30:38

DD (2) loves her doctor's set, although I am alittle dubious that she wanted to inject me in the eyes hmm

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