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so, how early did your little ones, (and not so little anymore), get you up yesterday morning????

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psychohohohoho Fri 26-Dec-08 11:01:38

mine got broken in some way..............DD1 woke up at 8.20am, and SHE had to wake up the othersshockshock

I got my xmas pressie tho..................I asked for a lie-in on xmas morning weeks age........they clearly listenedgringrin

IllegallyBrunette Fri 26-Dec-08 11:02:29

5:15 first attempt
6:30 second and seccesful attempt

Yawn lol.

IllegallyBrunette Fri 26-Dec-08 11:02:48


random Fri 26-Dec-08 11:03:37

My 16 year old ds ..who was oh so cool and not excited was up at 7[Fshock]grin

Sawyer64 Fri 26-Dec-08 11:04:12

8.00am! Expecting this to change though next year,as DD1 is 4 and DD2 is 2.

psychohohohoho Fri 26-Dec-08 11:04:13

you clearly are tired......"seccesful"....wink

blondehelen Fri 26-Dec-08 11:07:43

dd (9) and ds (6) I think had a rota. Forgot who came in when!

1. 12.30am shock
2. 3am
3. 4am
4. 4.20am
5. 5am
6. 7.30am... Successful

It went a bit like this

child.. can we open our stockings

me .. what time is it

child .. (time from my alarm clock) go back to bed

over and over and over

MrsWeasleyStrokesSantasSack Fri 26-Dec-08 11:08:57

mine are 13,11,9 & 8 and they got up at 9am. The 11 yo said he woke at 5am saw a present on his bed and went back to sleep.
none of them opened anything without asking us first.
we then got dressed then proceeded to cover the floor in little bits of paper. grin

psychohohohoho Fri 26-Dec-08 11:11:24

oh yes, the new decor for xmas..........confetti floor coveringgrin

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 26-Dec-08 11:17:05

We didn't do too badly, 7.45.

stinkymonkey Fri 26-Dec-08 11:19:56

3.30am. Urgh.
They opened stockings, I turned light off at 4am & went back to bed. Discovered later that the little blighters turned light back on & stayed up playing for a while. We all got up properly at 7.30am, but DS was too tired to function for most of the day.

HaventSleptForAYear Fri 26-Dec-08 11:20:52

Well we had the great Xmas present of a 9am start! (DS 4 and 2).

So great after years of 5.30am starts (on a normal day that is!).

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Fri 26-Dec-08 11:21:12

5 am then ds sat talking to himself in his room until I relented at 6am that we would get up

Elk Fri 26-Dec-08 11:24:56

dds, 3 and 5 . We got up at 7.20am.
First sound at 6.50 was dd1 saying 'do you think we can open them. The presents were still unopened when we put them out of their misery 1/2 an hour later.

PurplePillowsInSantasBed Fri 26-Dec-08 11:28:27

DD first woke at 5:30, told to go back to sleep,

Then 6:30, again told to go back to sleep,

Finally gave up at 7am but had a brilliant day anyway gringringrin

newmumtobe84 Fri 26-Dec-08 11:36:02

My DP woke me up at 6am to ask if Santa had been! Last year with no baby (LO due in March), feel I need to set some boundaries! wink

ChippyMyrrhton Fri 26-Dec-08 11:53:05

DS2 at 4.17am.
He went back to bed, emptied his stocking, counted his pressies then fell asleep on top of them smile

SparklyGothKat Fri 26-Dec-08 12:09:52

3:30am!! told them to go back to bed, they had woken DS2 so had to BF him.
4:30am, they woke DH and played up all day...
I got up at 7am with Ds2

herbietea Fri 26-Dec-08 12:21:26

Message withdrawn

dmo Fri 26-Dec-08 12:22:39

boys got up at 8am smile
i got up put turkey in oven looked at what they got then just had a little rest on my bed woke up at 12.15pm shock

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 26-Dec-08 12:25:55

She came in at 7:30 and told us she was awake. she then went to wait her in bedroom and came back an hour later to see if we
were getting up.

ChasingSquirrels Fri 26-Dec-08 12:38:34

ds2 (2.11y) woke up around 6.30am, which is normal - but I didn't mention Christmas and just brought him in bed with me and had a cuddle.
ds1 (6.3y) woke at 7.30am (again normal) and came in with his pillowcase "Santa has been and my pillowcase is full to bursting".
ds2 then cried "Father Christmas not come to me", ran in to his bedroom and saw his pillowcase.
Cue wrapping unfrenzy

pushchair Fri 26-Dec-08 12:59:00

4.48-'I got a stocking mummy'. I got up and went for a pee. DD1-9 and DD2-4 sat on bed eating chocolate and rummaging in stockings. Told them it wasn't morning yet. DD1 went back to bed and slept. DD2 appeared at my bedside periodically-every 20mins or so, to ask if it was morning yet and eventually we all got up at 8.30. DD3 slept through it all in my bed and had to be woken up to open her stocking.grin

thexmasstockingmonsterofdoom Fri 26-Dec-08 13:01:40

dd1 got up at 12.30 to be sick as she ate so much chocolate at the xmas eve party. about 6 in the end though, we had to wake dd2 up at about 8am as I was desperate to see her.

bellaBuonNatalevita Fri 26-Dec-08 13:25:42

6.15am to get their santa sacks from outside of their bedroom doors. Both went into DS2's bedroom to play on the xbox for a while until Grandma and Grandad opened their door about 6.45 and they got into bed with them for a bit.

We all went down just after 7.00am, kids kindly waited patiently whilst I made coffee/tea for the adults and then they opened their prezzies.

DS1 took ages to open every one, examine, then put the paper into the bin liner. DS2 worked through his in less than 5 mins leaving a trail of destruction behind him with paper etc.

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