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Crap presents award goes too....

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needmorecoffee Thu 25-Dec-08 12:39:32

my MIL who bought her only child, my DH, some socks.

BlackEyedDogstar Thu 25-Dec-08 12:47:48

yup. just socks = shit.

dp got me a 'Herb Garden Kit' including a dinky dolls house size watering can. FFS.


glitteryb6 Thu 25-Dec-08 13:12:36

my ex-mil got me some diet scales....cheeky mare!

Flihgtattendant Thu 25-Dec-08 13:23:52

Oh I got socks!!!
My best friend sent me a lovely little notebook, my parents got me about 9 pairs of really, really nice thick walking socks! I had asked for them, and they went mad and got really posh ones so I am now happy footwise for the next 10 years at least smile

That's all I got
Christmas is for children really

nappyaddict Thu 25-Dec-08 13:45:10

I bought boxers for someone is that as bad as socks blush

jollyoldstnickschick Thu 25-Dec-08 13:53:04

I bought my dh a trumpet mute he has said its his best present ever and is thrilled to bits with it!!!!

oldkingcolewasaMOS Thu 25-Dec-08 13:58:03

my blardy mother got me some sodding oven gloves!
We always get crap presents (bought throughout the year from various charity shops we suspect) but this year she has excelled herself.
She also tried to give my 2 year old DD a stapler?????? (meant for my 15 year old DS) and then realised the doll she'd bought for DD is not here at our house and is either in her house 60 miles away or my brothers house 300 miles away. Either way, we are leaving the country before she goes to either home and so DD won't get it til the summer.
Another crap one from MIL, a box of wine glasses. Bearing in mind when DH and I married 3 years ago we each owned a large house and contents and had to get rid of most of it, think we have enough wine glasses to open a pub!
When do the charity shops open again?

SpacePuppy Thu 25-Dec-08 14:16:29

ungrateful comes to mind....

nappyaddict Thu 25-Dec-08 14:17:41

I must be a really crap present giver. This year I bought every one victoria and albert sets of 2 glasses cos they were discontinued and had 70% off blush I also bought someone some christmassy oven gloves.

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Thu 25-Dec-08 14:18:04

oh I'd LOVE some new socks <<<<<<<<<,,looks at holes in socks she's wearing today>>>>>>>> and some new oven gloves wouldn't go amiss either <<<<<<<<<<<wonders where hers have gone>>>>>>>>>>

oldkingcolewasaMOS Thu 25-Dec-08 14:21:23

spacepuppy, I'm very grateful. I'm grateful that I noticed and managed to retrieve the stappler from my 2 year old before she caused herself a serious injury!
I had assumed, as others no doubt had, that this thread was a light hearted one?????

thirdname Thu 25-Dec-08 14:41:05

wel, that's why I think giving and receiving presents for adults is silly anyway, (and not just at xmas).

BouncingTinsel Thu 25-Dec-08 14:42:42

DH got socks AND boxers from my mum grin
Well he needed some new one, he got some toiletries but ones he actually will use. So he is quite pleased... though he thinks the boxers and socks are signs he is getting old!

See I hate this attitude that you must be grateful for any gift you receive... sadly some people buy presents not because they want to show appreciation for someone and make an effort to give the receiver something they will genuinely enjoy - even if they get it wrong sometimes!
Some people do it as way of being controlling or some kind of negative statement about someone (e.g. glitteryb6's ex-MIL). I think I would rather have no present at all than one that was grudgingly given. And it is PITA when someone buys something for a child that is clearly unsuitable (like oldkingcolewasaMOS's dd being given a stapler).
Remember it is the thought that counts, but sometimes the thought isn't there or isn't a very nice one sad

AtheneNoctua Thu 25-Dec-08 14:54:54

My mum sent gift certificates for the kids and not so much as a fricken card for me. hmm I think she is mad at me and showing her love in the usual way -- by not sharing her money. Wicked old bat that she is.

Flihgtattendant Thu 25-Dec-08 15:21:08

I agree the thought is what counts.

I'm not fed up about what I got - the only thing that does make me fed up, is that I don't have a dp to get nice surprises for. I kind of feel little enthusiasm for Christmas this year, because there just isn't that special someone - not actually here anyway.
Had a nice letter from someone who wants to be my dp (well, fling more like!) from the other side of the world...that was really nice smile

I remember being 18 and buying a stocking full of little things for dp at the time, when we lived together.

whispywhisp Thu 25-Dec-08 15:26:13

My Mum gave me the Weight Watchers recipe book and a tub of hand cream. hmm

DH gave me a cross-stitch kit I already have and some Dove bubble bath. hmm

How exciting was that?

I also cooked a lovely roast dinner...all the trimmings....DD2 pushed hers away, DD1 ate hers and DH took about an hour to eat his cos he's got a cold. Yep, was definitely worth me standing in the kitchen for almost 2hrs. Hey ho. Roll on 2009!

TipsyFairydifferentID Thu 25-Dec-08 15:51:30

hi whispy- sorry it's not been a great day for you.
(((Christmas hugs)))

EightiesChick Thu 25-Dec-08 15:59:15

I think it's a bit off to be ungrateful to the person's face, ie be rude about the present they've given you even if it's crap - that is if they've just been genuinely clueless, mind, rather than deliberately controlling/mean. But I don't see why you can be honest with yourself (and on here!) that something is a crap present! I used to put lots of crap presents in cupboards for years because I felt too guilty to get rid. Now I rationalise that it's not good for me but someone will be able to make use of it, and put it on freecycle or take to a charity shop. This year it's a nasty pink polyester dressing gown I got. hmm I'm sure someone somewhere will be grateful!

The stapler - isn't this a crap present EVEN for a 15 yo?? Did your DS ask for a stapler?? It's then even worse that it nearly ended up in a toddler's hands...

needmorecoffee Thu 25-Dec-08 16:02:13

I think the stapler wins!

TheBlonde Thu 25-Dec-08 16:03:11

We haven't exchanged gifts yet but I doubt MIL will do better than the year she gave DS, then 10 mths, a random bit of woodhmm

needmorecoffee Thu 25-Dec-08 16:06:30

did she find it lying in the street or was it actually wrapped. Mind boggling here.
MIL never gets me anything.

muggglewump Thu 25-Dec-08 16:10:16

I got a top from my brother and his DP which I'm sure she must have chosen. It's a size 10 and clearly for a tall person. I'm 5'2 and a size 6. I'm thinking it was perhaps bought before I'd met bro's DP and he had described me as "erm slim and er thin I think", as guys do!
It is a nice top though and they bought DD a Bratz game for her DS which she loved.

I've loved all my gifts, even the ill fitting top.
Even the fact that my VIP Monaco tickets were forgotten is not important today, I'm having such a fab time with DDgrin

nappyaddict Thu 25-Dec-08 16:14:44

muggle - was just looking at your profile erm why were you lying on the floor exactly.

ChrismumMiaow Thu 25-Dec-08 16:29:26

I've had great presents so far, although we haven't had ones from MIL/SIL yet.

Giving is the best though. Other SIL (well ex-SIL) was so excited about her present she made me cry a little bit blush, and her kids were pretty pleased with theirs too. Oh and SIL's mum started playing with her sudocube immediately grin

I was feeling really grumpy yesterday, but today has been pretty great!

IlanaK Thu 25-Dec-08 16:33:24

I can win this!!!! My step mother always gives us lots of little presents like stocking fillers. We always get a toothbrush which is fine. This year, after the toothbrush, I opened .........drum roll please........ a BOX OF PLASTERS!!!!

I was gutted! Then about an hour after lunch, I was sitting there staring at it, feeling sorry for myself for lack of presents and thought.....hmmm....maybe I should open the box! And inside was a beautiful necklace!

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