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STILL have some last min presents to wrap and can't face even looking at them.

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chloemegjess Wed 24-Dec-08 16:52:04

I am SO fed up of wrapping bloody presents! I litterally spent an entire day wrapping up Christmas presents last week and by the end of it I was so fed up!

I have some stuff that has arrived in post since then, and I am just dreading the thought of wrapping them up! But can't get out of it!


compo Wed 24-Dec-08 16:55:50

get dh/dp to do it?!!

reindeercantdancethetango Wed 24-Dec-08 16:55:54

I had to pop to the local shop earlier as I ran out of paper and so was faced with non xmas paper or granny style florals with holly. Ah well better than going in to a supermarkt! Still not wrapped them though!

NorktasticNinja Wed 24-Dec-08 16:56:13

Wait untill the small people have gone to bed, drink a bottle glass of wine and bite the bullet.

It'll all be over before you know it <soothe>

janeite Wed 24-Dec-08 16:57:13

Chuck em over here; I love wrapping presents - and I'm bored!

chloemegjess Wed 24-Dec-08 17:24:14

Can't drink - I am pregnant! lol

Janeite - Yes please! You would be my new best friend!

NorktasticNinja Wed 24-Dec-08 17:27:46

lol me too! Annoying isn't it! I hardly ever fancy a drink, but right now a G&T would go down a treat...

Fivesetsofschoolfees Wed 24-Dec-08 17:28:45

Can you wrap them all in one big parcel?

twoluvlysnowmen Wed 24-Dec-08 17:29:54

Ha! Only just started mine! Ran out of sellotape, so came downstairs to look, and got distracted by MN.

chloemegjess Wed 24-Dec-08 18:08:40

No I can't do it in one parcel as they are for various people!

TsarHumbug Wed 24-Dec-08 18:26:10

Do it now though!

I get like this over making packed lunches. I keep putting it off and then I'm doing them <v grumpily> at 11.45 at night. (Boring tho)

You'll be able to relax then.

IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Wed 24-Dec-08 18:27:25

I have stocking fillers to wrap and dhs present

I will; wrap dhs and not give a flying fuck about the stocking fillers
I'll stuff them in a sock and be done with it grin

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