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I am a virgin

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NAB3hundredChristmaslights Wed 24-Dec-08 15:48:27

Have never bought or cooked a turkey crown before. Tips tips tips please.

Anything I should do today (before I get too drunk tired?

NAB3hundredChristmaslights Wed 24-Dec-08 16:08:58

Oops, carried on drinking and forgot about this thread.

chequersandroastedchestnuts Wed 24-Dec-08 16:13:33

What's a turkey crown?

<passes the sherry>

NAB3hundredChristmaslights Wed 24-Dec-08 16:14:26

turkey without the legs

Isaidkissmeunderthemistletoe Wed 24-Dec-08 16:23:36

smear some butter on it, cover with strips of streaky bacon - you can do this in the morning, but I've done mine already so it is ready for the oven.

Cook it wrapped in foil until the last hour or so when you can uncover it to crisp up.

NAB3hundredChristmaslights Wed 24-Dec-08 16:24:17

ta very much

AbricotsSecs Wed 24-Dec-08 16:26:35

Message withdrawn

Isaidkissmeunderthemistletoe Wed 24-Dec-08 16:42:09

smile feel useful now!

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