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What do you eat in the evening on Christmas Day? I'm not sure what to do...

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bohemianbint Wed 24-Dec-08 14:00:42

First Christmas at home as a family, we've traditionally had a light buffet type thing but seems daft to do that for two adults and a toddler.

What are you all having?

needmorecoffee Wed 24-Dec-08 14:02:19

depends on how hungry I am. Probably a sandwhich. We're having Xmas dinner at lunchtime (roasties, veg, nut roast).
Boys will make themselves pasta in the evning as I ain't cooking twice in one day!

JingleBellaAllTheWay Wed 24-Dec-08 14:03:36

leftovers wink

slayerette Wed 24-Dec-08 14:04:09

Three adults and a 5 yr old here. I will put out crackers, cheese board, fruit, pickles, crisps, suasage rolls, etc and people will help themselves. No pudding as such - plenty of cake and chocolate to pick at if people want. Might make a mousse.

cat64 Wed 24-Dec-08 14:05:01

Message withdrawn

Celia2 Wed 24-Dec-08 14:06:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AbbaFan Wed 24-Dec-08 14:06:57

cheese / crackers

Mincepiewater Wed 24-Dec-08 14:07:57

I've got cheese and crackers and fruit. I have some cocktail oatcakes, smoked salmon and salmon mousse in case we fancy it but we're just as likely to not bother with that. Then, of course, there are mince pies. And leftovers - cold sausagemeat stuffing! Yum grin

Base Wed 24-Dec-08 14:08:46

I'm doing a gammon joint, so ham or leftover turkey sandwhiches. I'm making mince pies and shortbread today. Have brought some sausage rolls and will put out some dips and breadsticks with some crisps.

DH wants to get the chcolate fountain out and he's brought some marshmallows and fruit to have with it, I'm not having anything to do with it though, so not actually sure of it will happen.

There will be four adults, one 10yr old boy and a 1yr old

bohemianbint Wed 24-Dec-08 14:10:00

Cheers! THink we'll be eating quite early _midday-ish) and it won't be a drawn out affair with a hectic 2 year old who wants to get back to his toys! Might get a few more picky bits, maybe make some bread, get some houmous..mmmm.....

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 24-Dec-08 14:10:25

Buffet lunch inc left over meat sarnies, home made quiche, mini pizzas, gatuax etc.

MoreSpamThanGlam Wed 24-Dec-08 14:10:40

Bubble and Squeak....made from leftover sprouts and potatoes with cold turkey.

Cheese and crackers, crudites and dips ice cream.

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