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Jamie Oliver is brilliant

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KimiChristmasCake Wed 24-Dec-08 12:51:12

16lb Turkey cooking in the oven and beautiful mince pies sat on the side.


God bless Jamie

MadameCastafiore Wed 24-Dec-08 12:55:55

Hope you did it or his saggy lips would mean that is is covered in drool! grin

Well done you.

KimiChristmasCake Wed 24-Dec-08 13:08:12

I did it all, the seasoned butter to baste the turkey, the mince pies are a roll of mincemeat, chestnuts, fruit in puff pastry inside filo pastry and look all cute, just got to sprinkle icing sugar on them.
Have to admit watching Jamie cook and reading his books is my porn grin.

Spuds and veggies ala Jamie next.. and tomorrow I tackle the goose....

AbbaFan Wed 24-Dec-08 14:08:42

No he's not - I had a bowl of chocolate goo in my fridge this week, which were supposed to be truffles!

JingleBellaAllTheWay Wed 24-Dec-08 14:10:32

Jamie never really works for me - has to be Nigella I am afraid!

Abbafan - get yerself a spoon!

AbbaFan Wed 24-Dec-08 14:53:53

grin - oh I so did.... plus we had choccy goo on pancakes, and ice-cream!

littleducks Wed 24-Dec-08 15:39:40

i did the potatoes jamies way last year, did not work, were nit crispy at all, so if you do follow his way make sure fat is very hot before adding potatoes!

Piffle Wed 24-Dec-08 15:57:33

im following his suggestions for goose... but my roasties are ACE anyhow

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