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Dancing Teletubby

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Pinkjennybellrock Wed 24-Dec-08 08:52:40

I've wrapped the blasted thing and I don't know if it requires batteries or if they come with.

Has anyone got any idea?

PuzzYuleLogs Wed 24-Dec-08 09:54:32


SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 24-Dec-08 09:58:22

Erm I can check for you as we have an unwrapped one, unfortunately I won't have chance to get it out untill after 8:30pm(ish) will that be any good?

Have checked argos website? they usually tell you which batteries are required.

<adds batteries to ever growing list>

Pinkjennybellrock Wed 24-Dec-08 10:12:04

Thanks SSSBTS - It needs 4 x AA batteries, will just them today in case I need them.

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