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Am I being mean

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abigproblem Mon 22-Dec-08 21:16:39

To say i don't want to see my borthers ill 4 year old at Xmas has a high temp flu bug

KerryMum Mon 22-Dec-08 21:17:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hercules1 Mon 22-Dec-08 21:17:45

I would have thought they would keep him away from everyone anyone if he has flu. He must be too ill for visitors surely.

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 21:18:30

No if he is that unwell I wouldn't want to see someone. Can you rephrase it with a "lets have a special day together when he is well enough to enjoy it"?

abigproblem Mon 22-Dec-08 21:19:40

Problem is live 400 miles away in Scotland near my Mum and we are all getting together at my Mums

abigproblem Mon 22-Dec-08 21:24:07

I want to see my Mum but know my SIL will bring him anyway such a long journey home if ours get it

SleighGirl Mon 22-Dec-08 21:25:36

He may be no longer infectious on Thursday?

mumto2andnomore Mon 22-Dec-08 21:57:25

Children go up and down so quickly he will probably be fine by Christmas Day.

MrsWeasleyStrokesSantasSack Mon 22-Dec-08 22:02:04

I wont be taking my ill DS to relatives unless he picks up tomorrow.

abigproblem Mon 22-Dec-08 22:22:28

We are due to go tomorrow don't want to end up stuck with SIL turning up with him. She has said I'll him calpol and neurofen he'll be fine

abigproblem Tue 23-Dec-08 09:15:49

aargh what shall i do

lindenlass Tue 23-Dec-08 09:28:30

Are you or any of yours high risk for complications from flu? if not, I'd just accept you're going to catch it. It's no big deal - lots of calpol and calprofen for the children if necessary, and cuddles of course smile. It's only flu! Lasts a few days. And if you don't catch it from your nephew, you're bound to catch it from somewhere else as everyone is getting it at the moment.

I know I posted about vomitting bugs, but I think that's different - flu and colds are not something to bother avoiding unless you're immuno-compromised and could get seriously ill from it.

lou031205 Tue 23-Dec-08 09:32:40

I honestly think that you would be fine to go. Miserable for the whole family to have no celebrations because their child is a bit poorly.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 23-Dec-08 09:36:41

blimey - only flu!
If it is true flu then he shouldn't be mixing, it can wipe out even healthy people for weeks.
If however its just a quick to come quick to go childhood type bug then I'd go.

SleighGirl Tue 23-Dec-08 12:04:12

I bad bad cold is very different to proper flu which kills children, elderly & the immune surpressed.

Leo9 Tue 23-Dec-08 12:49:13

Yes I think as Sleighgirl says you need to know if it IS flu. Flu can be lethal to the vulnerable, and very young children can come into that category. If it is Flu the child will be in bed, not up and about - real flu is a truly nasty thing and you really are unable to get up with it.

If it's flu I wouldn't mess about exposing my child to it!

However it may just be a heavy cold virus. Have you spoken to SIL? How is the child today?

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