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Nigella Turkey Bath

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gonaenodaethat Mon 22-Dec-08 11:45:26

Anybody tried this?
I would be interested in anyone's thoughts.

misshardbroom Mon 22-Dec-08 12:11:24

never tried it, admittedly... but put off by the idea of starting baby Jesus' birthday by wrestling with a great big naked wet turkey in icy cold water. I have enough trouble summoning up the energy to bath my 2 year old, and at least he's warm & cute.

cmotdibbler Mon 22-Dec-08 12:13:29

We did it last week for our Pre Christmas Christmas Dinner we do with friends.

It was really good, and we'll do it again this week

ChopsTheGoose Mon 22-Dec-08 12:14:20

I though it looked crap tbh. I really can't see how you would get that much flavour by sticking it in a vat of cold water. I did jamie olivers roast bird last year and that was the best flavour ever. I know nigella was tryi g to take some of the faff out of it but really don'tbuy it at all.

haggisaggis Mon 22-Dec-08 12:14:56

How long did you soak it for? Nigella seems fairly vague and I'm worried it'll be too salty.

babypowder Mon 22-Dec-08 21:54:34

can I ask a really daft question? If I do this, and then put it on our stone shed, will it be OK overnight even if the outside temperature is 7C? I keep saying to myself that all that salt and sugar will act as a preservative, but I'd hate to be wrong ...

(My mother would probably tell me that I could keep in next to the aga all night and it would be fine. Not that I have an aga ...)

bluesky Mon 22-Dec-08 22:15:40

yes we've done it, and I have washed out the plastic toy box to put it in again tomorrow.

I do it for 48 hours, it smells and tastes gorgeous. Well worth the hassle of getting all the little bits, herbs, spices etc.

We put ours in the outside shed, with stone floor, which is very cold. It'll be fine babypowder.

gonaenodaethat Tue 23-Dec-08 14:21:03

Thanks. I think I'll give it a go.

sleepyeyes Tue 23-Dec-08 15:01:27

I'm thinking of doing it but the only place I have too put it is our freezing cold en-suite bathroom.But I'm unsure if it will be cold enough.hmm

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