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Gifts for extra guests on Christmas day

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mogs0 Sun 21-Dec-08 20:24:05

Ds and I always go to my Mum's for Christmas. There are often a few extra guests and this year my sister's pil will be there aswell as 2 of mum's friends (married couple).

My sisters and I have gone shares on presents for Mum's friends and I have got wine and home-made gingerbread for sister's pil.

We always have table presents to open at lunchtime. I usually do a photo-type gift of ds (last year was a coaster with ds' photo on it). I'm stuck for ideas for the pil because I don't think they'd want a calendar with my ds' face on it!!

Any suggestions? Has to be very cheap and easily obtained!

whomovedmychocolate Sun 21-Dec-08 20:50:10

I got some nice china mugs in a tin from John Lewis for our 'whoever we forgot' blush presents

whomovedmychocolate Sun 21-Dec-08 20:50:47

Food gifts are also good - if no-one needs an extra, you can scoff the lot! FiLs normally like toffee

mogs0 Sun 21-Dec-08 21:32:29

JL mugs in a tin sound nice but there isn't one near me.

I might have a little look in town on Tues when I drag ds in to get my hair cut!!

I've already made the mil some gingerbread. Would it look a bit crap if I gave her 2 homemade food gifts? Also, my baking skills only (just about) stretch to gingerbread!!!

I have asked my sister for a photo of the il's dogs so I can print off a calendar like the others are having but will have their dogs on it instead of ds.

horsemadgal Sun 21-Dec-08 22:03:10

I always buy soem extras boxes of biscuits and selection boxes 'just incase'.
Easily scoffed by me if not required.

bessiebighead Sun 21-Dec-08 22:49:31

I go mad at hmv with their £5 foreign films and arthouse releases... i wrap them all up... so that if they go i'm not sure which ones have left and then get a nice surprise for myself mid-jan with the left overs... saddo grin

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