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OK so when I've eaten goose cold is doesn't have the oily, greasy taste ....

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nappyaddict Sun 21-Dec-08 15:01:39

Is there way to cook goose and it eat it hot but not have the oily greasy taste it always seems to have when I eat it at my grandparents.

misi Sun 21-Dec-08 22:11:11

I think it may be because they cook it in a roasting dish so that the bird sits in its fat even if they drain it regularly but as long as you cook the goose in a cradle and keep deep pricking the flesh to release the fat, and emptying the tray of that fat, it should be reasonably free from the oily taste. I have a duck roaster that I use for goose too and it works really well, the cradle can be a bit small and it can get a bit precarious but well worth the hassle I think!!

nappyaddict Sun 21-Dec-08 23:09:08

what is a cradle? is that the same as a trivet or different?

misi Mon 22-Dec-08 19:59:21

sorry, I call it a cradle, but the name on the ''label'' was a goose roasting rack. its like an X shape wire rack that sits inside a roasting tray so the fat drips into the tray and the bird doesn't sit in the fat. you can drain the fat out or syphon it out if it gets too deep but at all times, the bird is high above whatever drips out of it if that makes sense?

nappyaddict Mon 22-Dec-08 23:48:55

is this the sort of thing or could i use something like this in a pan i already have?

nappyaddict Mon 22-Dec-08 23:51:04

or something like this

nappyaddict Tue 23-Dec-08 14:19:05

bump bump bump

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 23-Dec-08 15:28:47

I'm going to sit mine on the wire rack thingy that came with the grill part of our cooker iyswim

PaddingtonBore Tue 23-Dec-08 15:31:34

you can get away with a wire rack thing, but you still need to drain the fat fairly often during the cooking process.

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 23-Dec-08 15:46:20

how long does the fat keep that comes off?

thumbElf Tue 23-Dec-08 15:47:59

ages if you store it in a cool airtight place. and if it's just fat - the more meat bits in it, the less long it will keep

Piffle Tue 23-Dec-08 15:50:38

jamie Oliver cooked his over rack ofveges
Carrots parsnips Ginger garlic celery
And then when goose cooked strained of fat and made gravy from juices.
Looked great
Am doing goose for first time ever and am panicking slightly
Rubbing with orange and thyme, stuffing is plum and ginger
Carrots.sprouts.roast squash and parsnips and spuds.

I fancy moregreens tbh butthe battle with the mother/ship may not be worth it...

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 23-Dec-08 22:00:46

cool - thanks Elf

misi Tue 23-Dec-08 22:37:38

finally found one that looks a bit like mine. my one is slightly higher out of the pan though

misi Tue 23-Dec-08 22:40:36

nappy, your first ''this'' in the messeage;

By nappyaddict on Mon 22-Dec-08 23:48:55

is the best one I have seen, so yes, that is very like mine, sitting well out of the dish to allow the fat to drain well out of the bird

nappyaddict Wed 24-Dec-08 16:17:25

Bugger. Sent Dad off to get the circulon roast and rack from debenhams which is £15 reduced from £25. I told him there's only one of that make and price on the website so you can't go wrong. He comes back with a circulon roast and rack from debenhams which is £15 reduced from £25. However it is nothing like the one on the website. It looks more like this one.

nappyaddict Wed 24-Dec-08 19:40:35

My recipe says to cover the goose in foil. How will the fat drain into the pan if it is covered in foil?

thumbElf Wed 24-Dec-08 22:31:23

only cover the top of it.

nappyaddict Thu 25-Dec-08 01:44:47

thanks. the gordon ramsay recipe i've got says allow 15 mins per kilo. That means I only have to cook it for just over an hour at 240 for first 15 mins then 180. that doesn't seem very long. a different recipe recommends 3 hours at 200 and i don't know which to go for.

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Thu 25-Dec-08 01:52:52

Nappy - just got some of my mum's old cook books off the shelf and the consensus seems to be

15 minutes per 1lb/500g at 180c

Says that for fatty birds such as goose longer cooking is better for extracting the fat

nappyaddict Thu 25-Dec-08 01:53:43


goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Thu 25-Dec-08 01:55:09

np - hope you enjoy it smile

(we're having Morrisons snack spring rolls, prawn skewers and mini hot dogs for our lunch - followed by Christmas pudding with custard hmm).

nappyaddict Thu 25-Dec-08 02:42:46

It's so confusing. How can one recipe state just over 1 hour at 180 and a different one state 4 hours 40 mins at 160. Is the normal way up breast side up or down? God can you tell I'm new to this roast dinner thing.

misi Sat 27-Dec-08 22:32:54

go with it. I never really follow recipes especially with meat. cook it till the fat runs clear of is soft enough if that makes sense?
I cooked a lump of beef yesterday, it said 190 degrees at 30 mins per 500g + 30 mins. I cooked it at 160 and waited till the juices ran clear, a 1kg lump took just over 2 hours. (and the fat from the beef has just been made into a fat ball/seed cake for the birds outside!!

nappyaddict Fri 24-Dec-10 21:29:51

Just bumping this as we have had it every year since because it was so nice. I used this recipe.

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