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I have a question about FC .......

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nappyaddict Sun 21-Dec-08 14:19:49

So he lands his sleigh on the roof. He comes down the chimney. How does he get back up the chimney?

bollockbrainASSofBETHLEHEM Sun 21-Dec-08 14:20:39


MaryBeWaiting Sun 21-Dec-08 14:20:53

He's sort of sucked up by magic

ChristmasDisco Sun 21-Dec-08 14:21:41

Everything's magic, we don't know cos we don't see. We're all asleep.

PuppyDrunky Sun 21-Dec-08 14:21:42

and what if you don't have a chimney?

JustKeepSingingCarols Sun 21-Dec-08 14:21:49

hmm, never thought of that!

revitalised by sherry and mince pie he leaps up Sportacus style?

JustKeepSingingCarols Sun 21-Dec-08 14:22:17

no chimney is easier - he uses a magic key, so just parks his sleigh outside the front door.

nappyaddict Sun 21-Dec-08 14:22:52

Ah so sort of like floo powder in harry potter.

TrinityRhino Sun 21-Dec-08 14:24:36

he has a magic key if you have no chimney

also if you leave the open log fire on on xmas eve he magically puts it out whilst he comes down the chimney and then magically puts it back on when he goes back up

MaryBeWaiting Sun 21-Dec-08 14:35:30

If you've seen the film the Santa Clause, the chimney magically appears. Similarly if its a small chimney, it grows temporarily so Santa can fit down it...

nappyaddict Sun 21-Dec-08 14:59:16

MBW - if a chimney magically appears on chimneyless houses does the opening where the fire should be magically appear and then disappear aswell?

MaryBeWaiting Sun 21-Dec-08 15:11:06

Yes, that's right

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