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Merry Christmas from Belgo:-)

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belgo Sun 21-Dec-08 10:35:44

Merry Christmas everyonesmile.

I'm posting this now as I'm away for a few days.

Oh and don't forget to buy batteries for all those games and toys that will need them in Christmas Day!

ILikeToHoHoHo Sun 21-Dec-08 10:37:22

Merry Christmas to you to belgo smile

Enjoy the festivities.

WalkinginWaynettaWonderland Sun 21-Dec-08 10:38:34

I presume you mean children's toys???? wink

Merry Christmas.

belgo Sun 21-Dec-08 10:42:45


PuzzYuleLogs Sun 21-Dec-08 10:47:30

Merry Christmas. smile

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