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Anyone else ordered a turkey from tesco?

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whatironing Sat 20-Dec-08 21:08:13

My online shopping is due to be delivered tomorrow. I've just checked the basket and the turkey has vanished! Has anyone else bought their tesco turkey online?

lovelydear Sat 20-Dec-08 21:09:56

i phoned them about this. it's fine (they say!). it should still be in the list on the right, but as it's not available today to order you can't see it in the big left hand screen anymore.

clayre Sat 20-Dec-08 21:11:49

ah mine did that but the value of the turkey was still on the bill then after about 5 mins the turkey reappeared

whatironing Sat 20-Dec-08 21:49:11


Thanks for the posts

AaliyahsFirstXmas Sat 20-Dec-08 21:51:06

Just be careful as DP works in Tescos and he was saying Tescos are having a shortage of turkeys cos their supplier had some illnesses in the animals or something so not as many hatched.... somthing like that... but yeh low supplies apparently.

bollockbrainASSofBETHLEHEM Sun 21-Dec-08 14:26:00

i emailed them too, as could see it on my basket on the right but not when i do a 'view whole basket'.

They said its fine, i will get my turkey but it is because it is only on the website until a certain date, then removed once the orders have been taken. Don't panic Mr Manwaring!! grin

lovelydear Sun 21-Dec-08 23:14:08

mine's here! and sell by date is 26 dec so that's my other worry ticked off. phew.

faithandhope Sun 21-Dec-08 23:35:41

Thanks for this,I would have ended up with a turkey and a chicken.

I had'nt realised and thought I had missed out so ordered an organic chicken instead.
On just checking the turkey is on my list on the right hand side but not in my view baskets.

May give them a call to check.

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