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Alternative for Christmas Pudding Please

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MaggsS Fri 19-Dec-08 17:45:39


We all hate Christmas pudding!

What would you have as an alternative?

Saw an ad somewhere for a chocolate christmas pudding but can't find one in shops.Anyone seen such a thing?


apuppydaviesisforlife Fri 19-Dec-08 17:51:08

we're having buche de noel or pile of choc crumbs stuck together with cream if the rolling up doesn't go according to plan smile you can buy similar things frozen rather than making your own but my freezer's tiny and occupied.

KerryMum Fri 19-Dec-08 17:52:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SexyDomesticatedDad Fri 19-Dec-08 17:54:12

Last year we did sticky toffee puddings - look like its become a family tradition wink

procrastinatingparent Fri 19-Dec-08 18:04:34

SDD - Sticky toffee pudding is a family tradition here, thanks to DH who hates Christmas pudding (and chocolate puddings too) but can't do without a sugar rush at the end of a meal.

MaggsS Fri 19-Dec-08 18:24:39

Everybody loves chocolate but only me for sticky toffee. Yum!

ChippyMyrrhton Fri 19-Dec-08 19:50:51

I like the look of this frozen trifle
melting middle chocolate puddings
chcolate & date pudding
I'll probably buy an M&S hot chocolate sponge pudding though!

TheVirginGoober Fri 19-Dec-08 19:52:31

We don't like it so this year we are having a lemon roulade.

AdvocaatSlubberdegullion Fri 19-Dec-08 19:53:42

There is a recipe for chocolate christmas pud in this months Delicious Magazine. it looks..delicious grin



needmorecoffee Fri 19-Dec-08 19:54:23

boys have asked for choc ice cream

ChippyMyrrhton Fri 19-Dec-08 19:56:53

<waves> I was in Selfridges just now and thought of you.
What's the gist of the Delicious recipe?

AdvocaatSlubberdegullion Fri 19-Dec-08 20:01:11

Oh oh I was in selfridges on saturday and thought of you...
<hazy whistful rememberance moment>

The gist of the pudding is mostly chocolate, in a christmas pudding shape. Don't make me go and get the recipe, it is cold downstairs.

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