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Am I the only one that likes coloured lights and tinsel???

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frogmarsh Thu 18-Dec-08 23:15:52

Well, am I

StayFrostyTheSnowMam Thu 18-Dec-08 23:17:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogmarsh Thu 18-Dec-08 23:19:59

Phew, what a relief! I wish i'd thought to use a happy santa emoticon - very festive wink

frogmarsh Thu 18-Dec-08 23:20:45

sorry that should've been wink

Dragonbrandybutter Thu 18-Dec-08 23:21:24

you can't be the only one.
because it's everywhere.

StayFrostyTheSnowMam Thu 18-Dec-08 23:21:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThePregnantMerryYuleWitch Fri 19-Dec-08 00:02:32

Message withdrawn

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