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do you think i could 'fake' my son's handwriting for his cards?

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southeastastra Thu 18-Dec-08 18:30:35

he's gone out and we haven't done any yet

IdrisTheDragon Thu 18-Dec-08 18:31:04

How old is he?

southeastastra Thu 18-Dec-08 18:32:07


sweetcat Thu 18-Dec-08 18:32:53

If he's old enough to do his own then I wouldn't. It's not the end of the world if they are not sent, pretend you are being extra eco friendly!

nailpolish Thu 18-Dec-08 18:33:26

no is really botheree about cards

id forget about it

IdrisTheDragon Thu 18-Dec-08 18:34:45

I'd say you could fake them, or just do your own ordinary writing. I don't think anyone will mind whose writing they are in. Would have faked my DS's ones, but he was determined to do them all himself...

JumpingJingleBellsDizzy Thu 18-Dec-08 18:39:26

I helped ds2 do his last night. He wrote each card then I faked their names onto the envelope. Did really well grin He's 8 and writes neater than me blush

southeastastra Thu 18-Dec-08 18:54:35

i'll pretend to be ethical then, i can't face it otherwise

piscesmoon Thu 18-Dec-08 19:03:07

At that age if he doesn't want to write them there is no point in sending them!

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