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what happens if you want to return something bought as part of a 3 for 2 at Boots?

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One of the items I bought, I thankfully decided to put some batteries in to see how it worked. It doesn't work (3 sets of batteries tried). They are sold out of the item, so I'll need to get a refund. Full price was £10 and I bought another item that was £10 and got an item at £8 for free.

BrownEyedMum Thu 18-Dec-08 09:25:36

Don't know for sure about Boots, but most places you have to return all three. But if the offer is still on you should be able to re-buy the two items you want to keep, and another one to make up the three for two offer. take all three items in with you when you go, then get the nicest looking member of staff, smile sweetly and ask what they can do!!

Cadelaide Thu 18-Dec-08 22:53:11

I did this at Boots a couple of years ago and got the full price for the item I returned.

well, luckily they had more in stock when I went back so it was just an exchange.

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