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Random wrapping question...WWYD?

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DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 12:47:47

We're off to visit family for Christmas which involves air travel. Is it better to wrap all our gifts in advance and hope that they are preserved nicely in our suitcases? Or shove them all in and take the wrapping paper with us and do it there? We will have both time and space as we're leaving on Saturday and will be staying in a B&B rather than with people? But... schlepping wrapping paper etc does seem a bit of a hassle?

I should note that I have a think about wrapping paper so our gifts will be wrapped in white paper with cute accessories rather than just bright father christmas paper. I'm weird that way.

likessleep Tue 16-Dec-08 12:50:52

i'd do before flying ... only because i am lazy, no other reason (and i don't have a clue how they will look at end of flight!)

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 16-Dec-08 12:51:41

Customs will often want you to open wrapped gifts. Can be challenging when you are trying to hide them from a childs eyes hmm

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 12:52:35

See I'd take the paper with me, that way they'll be pristine and not crumpled when you give them.

I'm doing brown parcel paper with lovely red satin ribbon this year, looks really fab and I've saved a bucket on wrapping paper!

likessleep Tue 16-Dec-08 12:53:06

really? that seems so mean at this time of year, but i guess they have to (can't their magic machines see through wrapping paper grin?)

FestiveFairyFay Tue 16-Dec-08 12:54:27

I wouldn't wrap them as customs will probably make you unwrap them

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 12:54:53

We'd put them in the hold, not on carry on? - frankly, there are too many to carry on, even having done our best to buy physically small gifts (okay, I admit, the kiddies' drum was not that small...grin)

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 12:56:29

HeadFairy - I never use Christmas paper. I "theme" all my gifts. I'm known for it in my family. It's just weird of me. I did brown paper a few years ago with a vaguelly African theme - sort of gold foil and little bits of glass. They looked absolutely gorgeous and as you say, much much cheaper.

This year we've got white shiny paper with mini father christmases and silver christmas baubles (we're alternating) attached to red ribbons with red gift tags. I'm very excited.

<saddo emoticon>

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 12:57:23

The customs thing is true though, my aunt had to unwrap presents when she came over from spain. It's not the security guys as they can xray anything, it's the customs chaps who may want to check. I guess for drugs or smuggling in lots of cash/diamonds (ok I don't know what they're looking for, but my aunt did have to unwrap her presents!)

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Tue 16-Dec-08 12:58:40

I'm intrigued as to how brown paper is cheaper than wrapping paper? You buy massive rolls or wrapping paper cheaply, and I've never found brown paper cheaper than that.........

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 12:58:53

ooh, you're wrapping sounds amazing! I must admit I've done the brown paper thing for years, I've been known to very the ribbon occasionally blush and attach various bits of holly/ivy/mini baubles if I'm feeling particularly creative!

OhYouMerryMerryKitten Tue 16-Dec-08 12:59:42

Even in the hold, once you are on the other side they may well want a look (esp if its US customs).

They are so mean safety conscious that even dds comfort blanket had to go through the x-ray. Cue hysterical toddler 'It'll be scared' who then refused to go through the x-ray by herself even though she had to. I think the whole room was traumatised by that entry to the US.

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 13:01:18

The brown paper I buy from the post office is a massive roll, my current one has lasted three years. I have yet to find a roll of wrapping paper that lasts that long!

ramonaquimby Tue 16-Dec-08 13:02:37

I have regularly brought presents back and forth to Canada - all wrapped and have never had to open things at either end for custom jobsworths. Am assuming they will be in checked luggage? I'd wrap now

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Tue 16-Dec-08 13:03:14

I have a roll of wrapping paper (well 2 actually) that I bought several years ago too.

When you can buy 2 big rolls for £1.50 - which which easily covers all the presents I need I just don't get how the brown paper is cheaper - especially if you're buying stuff from the post office which has to be THE most expensive place to buy wrapping stuff/envelopes in the country grin

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 13:03:34

Maybe it's because my aunt is a dodgy looking hippy from Madrid grin!

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 13:05:56

I also quite like the way the brown paper looks FAQ, I haven't done a cost by cost comparison, but I know I used to spend a fortune on wrapping paper and matching tags etc etc and I don't anymore, but I do have rather chic looking parcels. I'm not a total grinch though, I do wrap the children's presents in nice christmassy paper smile

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 13:06:40

Okay, it's Germany and I've found in the past they have a sense of humour failure so I'm going to go with wrap them when we get there. Carrying huge rolls of paper around can be a pain but I guess it's probably safer.

With brown paper, you can buy it in such bulk that it does save. Not so much with the white paper that I'm using this year. grin

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Tue 16-Dec-08 13:07:28

hehe - matching tags - oh gawd none of that in this house - mahoosive rolls of wrapping paper from the 99p shop and last years cards cut up to make tags grin

<<<<<<<<<<<still suggests that when HF's roll does run out she buys the next one from somewhere other than the post office as they're rip off merchants with their prices>>>>>>>>>>>

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 13:08:31

If you're feeling super creative... try sticking on glass beads - the kind you buy to put in flower vases etc. Stuck on with a bit of christmas glitter or whatever, they had a great little sparkle that I have a weakness for.

Oh my word. I'm ridiculous.

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 13:09:25

I like the recycling of christmas cards idea... Mmm, Bling starts to think about next year!

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Tue 16-Dec-08 13:10:32

my mum used to use those scissors with jagged edges (don't know the proper name) so they looked prettier, I just use bog standard scissors and cut out the nice bit of the cards to use grin

HeadFairy Tue 16-Dec-08 13:12:43

Thanks for the tip FAQ, we've got a rymans down the road too so hopefully they're cheaper. They do plain foil tags, ten for 50p as well, I'm never organised enough to keep last year's cards!

elliott Tue 16-Dec-08 13:13:38

you 'theme' your gifts??
[bemused but slightly over-awed emoticon]
Your wrapping sounds great. Where do you get your 'accessories' from?

DeckTheHallsWithBling Tue 16-Dec-08 13:22:34

I know, I'm a very sad person. blush

This year, I got them from paperchase aka "most expensive shop for christmas accessories on the planet". Hence we're alternating father christmas and baubles! But normally, I don't buy traditional "christmas" accessories so can buy them anywhere. Pier has been a good place for years but obviously as they're closing down they won't be in future. Or department stores I find are good - digging around in the random sales bins often pulls up good gems. The "African" theme gold foil stuff came from a discount wrapping bin somewhere.

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