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My DH's boss held a Xmas party at the weekend. You will never guess what they had on their tree.

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MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Mon 15-Dec-08 23:12:05

It was bizarre

dizzyjingles Mon 15-Dec-08 23:12:26

a stuffed zebra?

Tortington Mon 15-Dec-08 23:12:55

what is this a quiz - go on then tell us

Santaisfeelingfunnypeculiar Mon 15-Dec-08 23:13:02

other than tinsel grin?
A stuffed cat?
Framed pictures of deceased relatives?

whoremovedmychristmasspirit Mon 15-Dec-08 23:13:32


Hula Hoops?


Bookswapper Mon 15-Dec-08 23:15:59

your Dh's P45?


cherryontopofthexmastree Mon 15-Dec-08 23:16:25

a dildo?

ToysAreLikeDogs Mon 15-Dec-08 23:16:33


They were dyslexic

They meant to deck with boughs of holly; fa la la la la

PinkPoinsettias Mon 15-Dec-08 23:16:57


a stripper statue instead of an angel


little cages with birds

MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Mon 15-Dec-08 23:17:04

A white feather boa

Amongst hundreds of baubles. I am amazed the tree did not fall over.

ZacharyQuack Mon 15-Dec-08 23:17:17


Isaw3SMALLSHIPSgosailingby Mon 15-Dec-08 23:17:24



whomovedmychocolate Mon 15-Dec-08 23:17:26

The tortured souls of the secretariat?

MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Mon 15-Dec-08 23:17:54

And mickey mouse baubles

whomovedmychocolate Mon 15-Dec-08 23:18:18

A white feather boa. Is that all - Debenhams sell them, they aren't that unusual hmm

Am disappointed about the lack of tortured souls. grin

ToysAreLikeDogs Mon 15-Dec-08 23:18:32


They have No Taste

Isaw3SMALLSHIPSgosailingby Mon 15-Dec-08 23:19:45

Horrible, but not unusual!

MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Mon 15-Dec-08 23:20:58

I have spent the last 16 Christmases in Germany where tinsel is considered the height of bad taste so it was shocking

LOL at some of the suggestions. A mooncup tree would be unusual

ToysAreLikeDogs Mon 15-Dec-08 23:23:03

Oh you must see this

whomovedmychocolate Mon 15-Dec-08 23:24:17

I think tinsel looks slightly better than dog vomit on a tree but it's a close thing. But then my tree has colour coordinated baubles (52 of them evenly spaced). However, DD has a tree in her room which looks like Julian Clary's closet hmm. Her tree has Iggle Piggles hanging from the branches and all sorts grin

whomovedmychocolate Mon 15-Dec-08 23:25:49

Toysarelikedogs grin that's v funny.

MmeHereWeGoAWassailLindt Mon 15-Dec-08 23:28:21

My eyes, my eyes!!

You would have loved this house then. Barely an inch without tinsel or glittery baubles. And Disneyland baubles with a photo of the DGC inside.

They are lovely people but their taste in Xmas decorations was far far from mine.

ToysAreLikeDogs Mon 15-Dec-08 23:33:57


mumeeee Mon 15-Dec-08 23:34:26

I like tinsel on the Christmas tree. My children always decorate it and they put baubles and tinsel on it and it always loks fab. I hate co-ordinated trees and decorations.

Bienchen Mon 15-Dec-08 23:35:03

Actually, tinsel is not completely outlawed in Germany.

But it has to be individual silver strands and just a smattering of them, too.

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