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I need help. Need to buy for 3 children..........

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RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Sun 14-Dec-08 07:58:46

I need to buy for 3 children, my BIL's step children, who I don't really know and tbh hardly ever see. They are girl(9) boy (12) and girl (15).

I had bought them a £5 wollies voucher each but have subsequently spent them because of them closing. So now I need an idea of something to buy or maybe a place to buy another voucher. If it's a voucher it'd need to be somewhere they could get anything(hence Wollies) since I have no clue what they like!

Present ideas, I thought maybe chocolates(selection pack) of some kind, I know it's dullgrin and then something else? But i'm not sure what else I could gethmm

Anyone have any ideashmm

AndATigerschickInAPearTree Sun 14-Dec-08 08:02:45

Smiths voucher?
They sell books, dvds, cds, stationery etc...

Or some 'posh' chocs, Thorntons or similar ...

ssd Sun 14-Dec-08 08:17:38

a Game voucher for a fiver each

jollyoldstnickschick Sun 14-Dec-08 08:23:32

With £5 each id buy....

15 yr old girl- 'posh' shampoo

9 yr old girl- funky socks and a sparkly aliceband

12 yr old boy- lynx or a sports wallet.


SatsumaMoon Sun 14-Dec-08 09:00:53

Argos voucher?

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Mon 15-Dec-08 08:06:02

thanks for the suggestionssmile

WHSmith or Argos voucher maybe the way to go hmm still not suregrin

I might buy a chocolate orange or similar and a funny/funky pair of socks/gloves instead? Crap idea?

starbear Mon 15-Dec-08 08:22:00

I would go for something funny/funky and chocolates. They might love all that stuff that too silly to buy, note pads, pencil cases, pin board, funky box files for stuff you just collect as a kid. Maybe a funky box file with chocolates and pencil case inside

SammyK Mon 15-Dec-08 08:33:09

What about HMV? They do games, books, cds, dvds, and usually have god sales on so they could all get something with it that they like.

Like star bears idea too.

Or how about nice totes socks, baking kit each (can get gingerbread house ones for £5), or a dvd game for them all to play together.

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