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santa2001 Sat 13-Dec-08 11:41:01


Would your Ds perfer guitar hero or batman lego for his ds, also have just seen both your children are SN, i do hope the doll is okay for your DD and was going to get a pushchair for her doll, will that be okay or will it be impractical please say if so and i will think of something else,playdough or lego,or please feel free to suggest.As would like to get something she can play with it.

My middly has SN and will only play with vehicles and nothing else, is a pain to buy for as only so many cars i can put up with.

twinklingtrace2 Mon 15-Dec-08 20:00:52

i want to thank you for your generosity i can not belive how much you have done already for us!

but if you still want to know it would be batman lego for his ds i was going to put on thankyou thread you could not have got more suitable toys for ds the spy and the battle ship game i know he will love, and the book it may stop him asking us all the questions lol.

and chloe shes sn but more of an illness shes undx with some sort of seizures and stops breathing. shes lovs dolls and bags so will love what you have got her and she can not put them in her mouth and choke. she loves dressing up even though itsa struggle for her.

i still get tears in my eyes thinking of what you have done for us and carnt help telling everyonegrin. can i ask if youll send your address please if you dont want to i understand but i wont know who you are with the address unless you want to tell me, i want to send a thank you card so i can thank you properly.

santa2001 Mon 15-Dec-08 21:34:18

Look out for a parcel from amazon for ds and i will send one with dressing up for DD on thursday so hope it will arrive in time.

please i really don't need a thank you, as seeing how happy you on the boards makes me pleased that for once i have done something for somebody else and not just me.

just let me know when the parcels arrive via the thank you board that will be more than enough.

PS hope you hubby gets better soon, i know what it is like to live with somebody who suffers from depression.

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