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Where art thou Ex libris?

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joshad Wed 10-Dec-08 23:49:05

I've recently read about this game but I'm having difficulty finding a company who sells it. The couple I looked up say it's out of print but not sure that's entirely accurate. There was one for sale on eBay recently but at £90 I'm not even going to consider it! Would appreciate any help with this. Cheers.

mrsmacaroni Sat 20-Dec-08 19:13:49

I want this game as well - been searching for it for it since last year when someone bought it to a hen party. It is out of print but I think we should start a petition to get it back in print! If I can't get a set I've decided to make it myself as the rules are pretty straightforward.

Califraukincense Sat 20-Dec-08 19:17:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LAScott Tue 09-Nov-10 19:08:57

I realise that I'm two years late in joining in this conversation, but thought you may like to know that Ex Libris is now back on the market. It's published by Oxford Games Ltd( and available through several stores, and online through

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