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When writing you Christmas cards, please do not

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LynetteScavo Mon 08-Dec-08 14:07:19

sign your pets name underneath yours.

It makes you look slightly odd

noiamnot Mon 08-Dec-08 14:08:02


TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 08-Dec-08 14:08:21

I used to sign them from my cat.

And I would put a pretend paw print underneath it.

But I was a teenager at the time

CliffRichardSucksEggsInHell Mon 08-Dec-08 14:08:50

I sign Morty's name in blood on the card.

MadreInglese Mon 08-Dec-08 14:09:43

LOL, MIL does this

like her collies really give a rats arse that it's Christmas!

edam Mon 08-Dec-08 14:11:28

I wouldn't dream of doing this BUT my cats used to love Christmas because they got salmon. Call my mother soft but it was their Christmas treat...

nickytinseltimes Mon 08-Dec-08 14:11:37

I used to do this. blush

Now I have a toddler and let him 'help' write the cards with his crayons...

I reckon that's even worse.

WingsofaChristmasTreefairy Mon 08-Dec-08 14:12:27

We have a 'friend' that does this.

We didn't give him our new address when we moved.

So no cards from Dolly the bloody dog this year.

UnquietDad Mon 08-Dec-08 14:15:05

Don't just put your first name(s) either. It's so irritating to get a card signed "Paul and Linda" (or, worse, "Paul and <squiggle>").

Say something, even if it's just "had a great year, hope you are all OK" or "had a shit year, email if you want details", or "still working at X, managing to get away for odd weekend."

Anything, please, other than "Paul and <squiggle>".

MorrisZapp Mon 08-Dec-08 16:46:06

When my cousin was PG with her first, we got a card from 'Bob, Sue and the unborn baby'.

I don't know why but that freaked me out a bit!

TrinityRhino Mon 08-Dec-08 16:48:36

roffle @ paul and squiggle

I have been told that I am slightly weird but I have NEVER thought of signing cards with my pets names on them!

JacksFirstChristmasMama Mon 08-Dec-08 16:50:07

Could I do an ink print of DS's hand without looking slightly odd?
(Not suggesting ink print of cat's paws for obvious reasons)

FattipuffsandThinnifers Mon 08-Dec-08 17:05:29

Only acceptable to me if it's a very very close relative or friend's pet who you know and like. Obviously I've never done it blush.

shock and [ewww] at the 'unborn baby' signature! Worse than 'and bump'.

whooosh Mon 08-Dec-08 17:05:46

"and bump" makes me want to vomit!

So please don't do it.

Thank you.

EbeneezerSlouch Mon 08-Dec-08 17:10:01

My sil does this.Thought it was a pre-baby thing, but 1st child now 20mo and we still get cards signed Love from X, Y, dd and <dog's name>. Barfless.

EbeneezerSlouch Mon 08-Dec-08 17:12:53

Speaking of Paul and LInda, my dad once found a card in a library book - photo of Maccartney clan on front and signed "love from Paul, Linda and the brats".

"wow dad, where is it?" quoth I.
"Oh, I put it back, not my card to take" he respondeth. hmm

purpleangel Mon 08-Dec-08 17:21:43

We put our dogs names down on our cards as they are part of the family, simple as that.

dizzyjingles Mon 08-Dec-08 17:23:11

my pil have just sent over a present for our dog hmm

I'd rather they saved their money and visited more than once a year

PortlySackSantaInAdvent Mon 08-Dec-08 17:27:51

What's wrong with 'bump' and the dog / cat etc. name???

You're a grouchy lot full of rules aren't you? Wouldn't do for us all to be the same.

If some of my friends didn't put their animals on the card i would assume the worst - as they would with our dog.

Countingthegreyhairs Mon 08-Dec-08 17:31:20

I simply don't understand the energy devoted by so many people on this site to finding so many things -often quite trifling things - offensive.

purpleangel Mon 08-Dec-08 17:32:32

Thank you for putting that Portly my sentiments exactly. I didn't mention one of my dogs one year and people did assume the worst.

Countingthegreyhairs Mon 08-Dec-08 17:37:13

Exactly Portly and PurpleA.

Where's the harm? Where's everyone's sense of humour/generosity of spirit?

There's degrees of appropriateness of course (would not put paw marks on a card to a business colleague - but nowt wrong to my sister and vice versa).

Also I think people often add 'from the bump' just to let you know they are pregnant so it serves a practical purpose.

Wildebeest Mon 08-Dec-08 17:38:30

i have our family neatly condensed into one acronym when i used to send cards

Jux Mon 08-Dec-08 17:41:42

DD once got a birthday card from the lady down the road with all her cats names, colourings and ages; there were 18 of themshock

PavlovtheRedNosedReindeer Mon 08-Dec-08 17:47:19

LOL, when I was pg I signed it 'pavlov, pavlovs DH, bump and the cats' grin.

AND DD signs the cards with a hand print.

I do not give a jot if I am mad/odd or whetever. We all make the world go round eh? grin

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