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Quick, help please! Ideas for presents to post to Australia

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BirdyArms Thu 04-Dec-08 20:30:38

I received an unexpected parcel of presents today from BIL and his family in Australia. It's their first Christmas out there and I thought we'd agreed just to send each other birthday presents, but apparently not. I've missed the posting date by quite a bit but am going to send something ASAP and hope for the best. Please please could I have some ideas for what to send, up to £10 each, ideally can be bought on the internet and will arrive quickly? I have Amazon Prime on trial so can get Amazon stuff quickly.

They are:-
SIL - very no nonsense practical Aussie
BIL - don't worry about him, getting DH to buy a CD
Nephew aged 3 - maybe a DVD but I'd prefer to get something more toy-like
Niece aged 2 - bought night garden DVD and toy for her recent birthday so not a DVD

TigerFeet Thu 04-Dec-08 20:32:39

No advice re presents but couldn't you buy from an Aussie website and get them delivered to your BIL's?

Leslaki Thu 04-Dec-08 20:44:41

Ah but check they can play UK dvds over there!! My mate in Oz sent us a dvd but it wouldn't play! I usually do clothes and light weight things.

eidsvold Thu 04-Dec-08 20:46:52

what about this one for books for the kids:

for books

get it delivered

great company - use them all the time

so much easier to do it that way - I used to do that for my family when I lived in the UK.

BirdyArms Thu 04-Dec-08 21:04:33

Thanks - what a very sensible suggestion to use Australian websites, why didn't I think of that? The Peter's site looks great Eisvold, I have already found a Twister beach towel that I am very excited about!

Leslaki, you have got me worried about DVDs, they sent us one that was fine to play over here but maybe we were lucky.

Tas1 Thu 04-Dec-08 21:32:41

The last postal day for Australia is Friday 5th Dec. I think you will have to go with the Australian website idea.

sunnydelight Thu 04-Dec-08 23:19:32

Next kids clothes and M&S undies for your SIL. I'd kill for either, wouldn't care if they arrived late grin

JimJim67 Fri 28-Oct-16 13:49:19

My daughter and her boyfriend have just arrived in Australia and have got a house, they are on working visas.
My daughter wants her makup sent I know you cant post perfume or nail polish but has anyone sent foundation out before that's what my daughter wants hers cost £30 a bottle so who knows how much it would be to buy over there if she can get it.
Replies appreciated.

Kirriemuir Fri 28-Oct-16 18:36:40

I'd just get her a voucher for David jones or Mayer which are like John Lewis and debenhams. Australia has all the known brands so she will be able to get it unless it is a random brand. Do you know?

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