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how do I make those dried orange slices for decorating/smelling nice ?

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christMAScomesbutonceayear Thu 04-Dec-08 15:02:52

do I just dry them out in a low oven ? am planning to tie them to cinnamon sticks with raffia - have had disasters with pomanders in the past,so a bit unsure...thank you smile

christMAScomesbutonceayear Thu 04-Dec-08 16:13:13

anyone ?

bellaBuonNatalevita Thu 04-Dec-08 16:21:14

you obviously have too much time on yer hands MAS grin

but if anyone does know, I would be interested...!

Santaisfeelingfunnypeculiar Thu 04-Dec-08 16:23:34

I was thinking this yesterday, so bump for you smile

ThreeWheelsOnMySleigh Thu 04-Dec-08 16:33:14

I did some of these last year - 3 hours in the oven at 140 (120 for fan ovens), leave to cool and they're done!

I saw some lovely dried fruit wreathes (sp? hmm) in the garden centre last week, but they cost upwards of £12.99 for a very small one, so it's definitely worth making your own if you've got time smile

swedishmum Thu 04-Dec-08 16:34:37 - not tried it though!

christMAScomesbutonceayear Thu 04-Dec-08 16:37:12

ok, so they're in the oven at gas mark 1...I saw them in a shop for £4 for a few slices and a cinnamon stick -they smell divine...will let you know what happens !

shootRudolphinthehip Thu 04-Dec-08 16:39:08

my thanks as I want to make some too- tried last year using the sundried tomato principle (many, many hours at a low heat) but they just stayed soggy.

beforesunrise Thu 04-Dec-08 16:40:17

i have had them in the oven for something like weeks yesterday. it takes a million years, but they are nice in teh end :-)

HangingbaublesofBethlehem Thu 04-Dec-08 16:41:16

Don't do as I did and leave them to dry on a very low heat in the oven over-night - was woken at 3am by a house full of very thick acrid black smoke. all of the citrus oils made the smoke really acidic and burnt my throat. Haven't tried since but agree they are a lovely idea. I was pregnant and for some reason didn't really think it all through blush

Santaisfeelingfunnypeculiar Thu 04-Dec-08 16:46:07


Mercy Thu 04-Dec-08 16:49:33

INteresting idea, would be interested to know how it works out!

Do you think slow baking would work for pomanders too? (I've made a few already but half of them have gone mouldy - I don't have an airng cupboard)

christMAScomesbutonceayear Thu 04-Dec-08 17:02:59

when I made a pomander it went mouldy, despite my using orris root and drying it in airing cupboard. These are doing ok so far - won't leave them in overnight though ! thanks for link btw swedishmum

christMAScomesbutonceayear Thu 04-Dec-08 17:48:22

hmm, a few are going a bit brown, but they're not dried out enough - this may not work !

bellaBuonNatalevita Thu 04-Dec-08 19:04:01

What sort of shop do you buy the rafia in MAS?

Am going into town tomorrow so I may try this over the weekend.

christMAScomesbutonceayear Thu 04-Dec-08 21:44:06

craft shop, or possibly a florists...
however, mine haven't worked - I couldn't get them to dry out without burning/browning...maybe the slices needed to be even thinner ? ds said they didn't smell very orangey either.

bellaBuonNatalevita Thu 04-Dec-08 21:46:48

oh no, what a shame.

christMAScomesbutonceayear Fri 05-Dec-08 08:45:38

don't think my oven can do cool

littlefrog Fri 05-Dec-08 08:50:08

i think to make them smell nice you have to soak them in orange oil!
also, without a dehydrator (which I think doesn't go above something like 40 or 50 degrees) it's probably really difficult to do...

What has worked for me is crystallising orange slices or peel - dip in chocolate afterwards. Is a bit of a hassle, but DELICIOUS and orangey choc is insanely expensive in shops.

christMAScomesbutonceayear Fri 05-Dec-08 08:52:04

yes, it's the drying out bit that seems so hard - they'll go mouldy otherwise.

ShirlKnits Tue 27-Nov-12 14:18:03

I think they are too wet if you use a baking tray.
The thing to use is a wire rack, then the slices can get dry from above and below.

Hopeforever Tue 27-Nov-12 14:20:08

A few days in the airing cupboard or on top of a radiator. I borrowed by friends Aga.

safflower Tue 27-Nov-12 14:23:35

I put mine on greasproof paper before they go in the oven and the trick is to slice thinly. Otherwise they will burn on the outside. Agree with the need for orange oil afterwards to keep the smell. But they are worth it and you can use them again next year, and the year after! I dot mine around the place, some on the tree, some on the lit long green thing. Forgotten what it's called but it goes on the mantel!!!

Beaverfeaver Tue 27-Nov-12 22:59:00

Mind have been on the radiator for a few days and are perfect

Redtedart Sun 09-Dec-12 16:55:30

I did a post on them last year I think the key is "low heat" and a wire rack...with the occassional turning!

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