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Nintendo DS Game for 8 year old?

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jennymac Wed 03-Dec-08 08:14:55

Want to buy one for my niece in America - can anyone recommend a good one - I have no idea about computer games!

TrinityRhino Wed 03-Dec-08 08:16:53

tinkerbell is really good

LIZS Wed 03-Dec-08 08:32:33

mario party

Hulababy Wed 03-Dec-08 08:37:03

Most of the Imagine games seem popular - Teacher; Wedding Designer; Interior Designer; etc.

What type of thing is she into?

pushchair Wed 03-Dec-08 08:39:42

My DD loves Animal Crossing which is a little world and her character does stuff like digging up things and selling them to the local shopkeeper, redesigning her house and chatting to the other characters.

MrsBoo Wed 03-Dec-08 10:38:00

Animal Crossing - my DS still plays with this after having the game for over a year.

chamomilequeen Wed 03-Dec-08 10:39:37

i might get dd (8) one of the imagine games too. cooking mama is still well used in our house

Pheasant Fri 10-Dec-10 16:02:19

DD1 (9) and DD2 (8) both want a DS for Christmas. Every time I go round to my brother's house his kids are playing on theirs and all interaction / fun / games between the kids is stifled. Should I get DS or not? Could I put them in a cupboard and ration them or will they just sneak downstairs and pinch them out of the cupboard? Or am I being a bah humbug?

IAPJJLPJ Fri 10-Dec-10 18:07:25

Pheasant - think that is more to do with manners personally. If we have visitors we do not allow handheld consoles out. Unless the visiting guests have brought theirs and they then "link" them so they can play the same game together.

GruesomeShellChillingTortoise Fri 10-Dec-10 18:08:59

My 4 all enjoy Drawn to life or Drawn to life the next chapter.

cece Fri 10-Dec-10 18:09:27

DD likes

all the Imagine games
Animal Crossing
anything to do with pets or fashion...

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