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Real vs faux tree: how can i convince DP that I'm right?

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beaniebaby25 Wed 26-Nov-08 13:32:58

OK. I want a real tree this year and DP thinks its better to get a plastic one. I'd miss the smell, and the lovely feeling of a real one - plastic ones dont really do it for me (no offense if you have one - they can look very lovely indeed).

His main argument is the fact that its a real tree and will have to be composted etc (and he'll be the one carrying it wink) whereas a plastic tree will last longer and he reckons is better for the environment. hmm

So, wise mumsnetters, who is right? which is best from an ecological perspective, and is the enough to override the glory of a real tree? x

hecate Wed 26-Nov-08 13:36:13

i had a real tree once.


the mess is terrible! and i was still stepping on those needle things in FEBRUARY!!!

Then there's getting rid of the bugger.

Real trees are bastards! Give me artificial any day. Get a good one and it lasts for years.

ramonaquimby Wed 26-Nov-08 13:38:01

wood is a renewable resource - most xmas trees are from managed forests.
<shudder> at a fake tree

real every time for the quimby's

tkband3 Wed 26-Nov-08 13:40:03

Our council do a tree collection service after Christmas (so long as the tree isn't huge)...your council might do the same, which would counteract one of his arguments.

I love real trees as well, but am sorely tempted to get an artificial one this year, because last year DH bought one that hadn't been treated, so it was half bald by the time we'd got all the decorations on it and guess who spent half the festive season on her hands and knees sweeping up pine needles? hmm. But DH insists on a real one - so I will be insisting on a 'no-drop' one this year, or he can sweep up every couple of hours wink grin.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 26-Nov-08 13:40:27

No no no!
Real is the only way to go!
Get one that doesn't shed it's needles.
The smell <huge intake of air> ahhhhhhhhh

An artificial one has to be made, so surely has a larger ecological footprint. Especially as they're all made in China....
A real one locks up CO2 whilst it's growing, and as long as you don't burn it is better, as it biodegrades- a plastic one never will.

And you don't have to store it for next year.

You could even get a growing one, and have it in the garden all year, and re-use each christmas- thats got to be the eco-friendliest?

PortAndLemon Wed 26-Nov-08 13:40:43

Locally-grown real trees are better for the environment, no question. There are features on that every year.

But I am having fake this year because DD is crawling. May get away with borrowed fake, which must be abslutely tip-top environmentally.

midnightexpress Wed 26-Nov-08 13:42:17

Not convinced by your DP's argument. There are the environmental impacts of manufacture to consider, and if it's made in China (and let's face it, what isn't) it has to be shipped here, so carbon footprint pretty big compared to a locally sourced real tree. Plus, when it does give up the ghost it'll have to go to landfill, while a real tree can be composted.

There is an association of Christmas tree growers, I think, who all stick to certain standards, so you could look out for their symbol (a union jack Xmas tree iirc).

beaniebaby25 Wed 26-Nov-08 13:43:19

excellent, some good arguments points here grin

we did have a real one last year (very small, as was our old flat) and we tried to keep it alive, but sadly it passed on in september this year.

i LOVE real trees, if he still puts up a fight maybe i should play the waterworks card! it'll be me clearing away the needles anyway so don't know what he's worried about envy

nuttygirl Wed 26-Nov-08 13:44:00

Get a real tree that still has its roots and plant it in the garden afterwards - much more eco-friendly than a fake tree.

Am trying to convince dh to do this but it's complicated by the fact we already have a fake tree grin

Iklboo Wed 26-Nov-08 13:45:16

I put my mum off a real tree for ever by saying "just think, if your hearing was good enough you could hear it screaming as it dies in agony after having its roots cut off and slowly starves to death"

(sorry if that upsets anyone - I was a 'right on' teen at the time blush)

ledodgy Wed 26-Nov-08 13:45:29

We have an artificial one now but strangely it still smells like a real tree as the deocrations have all taken on the smell of previous real trees!

NCbirdy Wed 26-Nov-08 13:47:25

I agree real is the only way to go, much more environmentally sound, much nicer in every way - even allowing for the needles!

Try; watering daily and don't overheat the room it is in to keep the needles. (I have also heard spray it with hairspray but I am not sure about that one hmm)

For DH try; <<stamp>> I want a real one <<pout>> or <<sigh>> it just won't be the same for the dc if they never experience christmas with a real tree <<muffled sob>>

erm... I am trying to come up with a better one...

My LA just have a tree trailer that goes round for a few days and collects them up after Christmas yours may do the same...

How about, "ok dear I see your point but tough.." (Ok that is similar to the one above)

Still thinking grin

beaniebaby25 Wed 26-Nov-08 13:50:13

thanks NCbirdy grin i will definitely try those!

To all suggesting to plant in the garden after; that would be perfect but we dont have a garden, only a small balcony so not really possible sad

also we have underfloor heating so we can't reall position it away from heat source, so might drop a bit quicker... owwwwaaaa!!!

NCbirdy Wed 26-Nov-08 13:51:16

Iklboo <<off subjet>> did you ever see a film about that (a mad scientist bloke builds a machine that allows you to hear plants dying)? I have always wondered what it is called as I would like to watch it again - it is in my memory as a thing I saw but remember nothing else about so it has always intrigued me!

Iklboo Wed 26-Nov-08 13:52:47

Yes NCbirdy - twas a Tales of the Unexpected! I remember he picked a flower and it screamed then hit a tree with an axe and kept apologising to it over and over when it 'cried out'

NCbirdy Wed 26-Nov-08 13:53:23

I doubt u/f heating would be a problem as it does not get properly hot like a radiator so you should actually be better off with it!

SoupDragon Wed 26-Nov-08 13:54:06

"plant it in the garden afterwards"

A friend has a beautiful Christmas tree in her back garden. We thought of auctioning it on ebay as it wouldn't look out of place in Trafalgar Square.

NCbirdy Wed 26-Nov-08 13:54:17

Ooh was it? Brill I can look into it now - I mostly recall the scene where the neighbour was mowing the lawn...ughh

scaredoflove Wed 26-Nov-08 13:56:43

I wouldn't have a real tree ever again after watching the one we set fire to in the garden. I have never seen anything go up so fast, it terrified me

an example

Iklboo Wed 26-Nov-08 14:00:36

It was called "The Sound Machine" - Season 4, Episode 7 (apparently)

EachPeachPearMum Wed 26-Nov-08 14:02:33

Well- I did say don't burn it!
composting is much better ecologically.
Our council has collection points for dropping off trees for recycling.

NCbirdy Wed 26-Nov-08 14:05:40

Ooh thank you Iklboo, I will go and see where I can get hold of it now (will probably have to buy the whole series or something though!)

Scared, yes they go up fast which is why we are careful - probably adds weight to my decision not to try out the hairspray idea though...

TeenyTinyTorya Wed 26-Nov-08 14:29:54

I have a fake one which I keep to use next year - environmentally friendly and less mess. I don't know why you'd need a new fake one every year.

southeastastra Wed 26-Nov-08 14:31:35

i'm torn really, i do feel a bit like phoebe from friends when i see all the sad brown trees littering the pavements in january.

my dad always used to try to plant our trees. they never too

PortAndLemon Wed 26-Nov-08 14:32:43

You wouldn't need a new fake one every year. But even comparing a fake tree used over ten years with ten locally-sourced real trees the real trees come out streets ahead, environmentally speaking.

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