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How the hell do I make an Innkeeper's costume??

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mincepiemadness Wed 26-Nov-08 11:28:37

DD is an innkeeper (2nd innkeeper FFS!!) in her nursery nativity.

What on earth does an innkeeper wear and how do I make it? Only have 2 weeks notice, aaargghh, have NO sewing skills whatsoever blush !!

Please help!!

isit Wed 26-Nov-08 11:30:59

The traditional version is a dressing gown with a tea towel on head (think comedy arab)

Asda/tescos etc have nativity cosumes though if you want one - if they don't have an inn-keeper, get a shepherd.

VictorVictoria Wed 26-Nov-08 11:33:41

My DS also an innkeeper. we have been asked to put him in tights and polo neck (not sure he is going to like the tights......................). seems pretty unlikely to me for an inkeeper but I am not argiung.......

mincepiemadness Wed 26-Nov-08 11:38:46

Good, keep them coming. I am thinking tights, dressing gown, tea towel head, I LIKE IT grin

Smithagain Wed 26-Nov-08 12:01:45

Last year all rustic Bethlehem inhabitants (shepherds, innkeepers, villagers etc) were asked to bring one tea towel, dark tights/leggings and a dressing gown/mens shirt.

The ones with beige shirts or dressing gowns looked best.

This year DD is the innkeeper's wife, she has words and everything and the school is providing the costume. What a result!

toadette Wed 26-Nov-08 12:39:59

You could add an apron to the dressing gown/teatowel on head ensemble by folding another teatowel onto a length of string and tying around waist.

LIZS Wed 26-Nov-08 12:41:19

Adult sized t shirt tied in at waist, teatowel/tights, sandals

MotherFlippin Wed 26-Nov-08 12:44:59

Message withdrawn

moonachick Thu 11-Nov-10 21:53:49

ok, so what do I use for the Inn Keepers Wife costume because I can't find a ready made one anywhere!

alicet Wed 01-Dec-10 20:14:07

Ds1 is an innkeeper too so thankyou for this thread as I was about to start one myself!

DandyDan Thu 02-Dec-10 07:37:06

Having an Ikea lantern is a good prop too.

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