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What would be the ^worst^ and most unsuitable Christmas present you could possibly receive?

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moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:45:03

For moi I think gift set of cheap oil 'infused' with some grass herbs along with some dried out spices and a crap mortar and pestle.

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:45:49

Also big boxs of chocolates (yuck) and a wine box of something like Piesporter or Country Manor.

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:46:24

Bored board games partic. drinking ones.
Why on earth do I need an excuse to drink?

ilovetochat Tue 25-Nov-08 13:48:47

i've had earings off my uncle before and have never had my ears pierced. had 9 bottles of wine last year and i was bf so wasn't drinking.

nailpolish Tue 25-Nov-08 13:49:09

squeaky acrylic cardigan

cyanarasamba Tue 25-Nov-08 13:49:20

These. Not only do they look vile but I can't stand the smell of lavender. (DH take note, never again please...)

nickytwotimes Tue 25-Nov-08 13:49:21

A rom com DVD.

nailpolish Tue 25-Nov-08 13:50:24

an ABBA boxset


moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:51:10

Dear God, why do we do it????
There exists an entire tanker full of candles/toiletry sets/dvds that never get used-just fly from one person to other and eventually end up in British Heart Foundation.

TigerFeet Tue 25-Nov-08 13:51:35

My hairdryer was on its way out so dh bought another one for me and hid it for Christmas. Fortunately dd told me (4.5, completely unable to keep secrets grin) so when the hairdryer did conk out I didn't go and get another one and just asked dh for the new one! I am so glad, I would probably have hit him over the head with it if I'd unwrapped it on Christmas Day. Hairdryers are up there with liquidisers and irons imo - household gadgets that are useful but not Christmaspresentworthy.

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:52:02

A box set of anything would horrify me.

I once got a huge chunky address book that was tied in to that tv programme 'Coast'.


Nyx Tue 25-Nov-08 13:52:46

Any type of bath toiletries for me (I take showers).

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:53:38

While I'm on subject, waht is point of shower gel?
Put it on and its straight down the plughole?

Booboobedoo Tue 25-Nov-08 13:53:54

My MIL gave me a revolting home-made vodka-cake once.

She thinks I'm an alcoholic because I insist on bringing bubbly over on Christmas Day.

nailpolish Tue 25-Nov-08 13:55:13

well i ws doing my weekly messages today in asda nd you should have seen the shelves groaning under the weight of utter shite
gift wrapped cheese knives
mingin port and cheese sets
horrid motif slippers
matching necklace and earring sets that were hideous i had to avert my eyes
'megamix' cds like 'best of the 60's' 'best driving anthems ever'

wht posseses some poeple i do not know

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:55:23


TheCrackFox Tue 25-Nov-08 13:55:52

A gift set of jam. Why? Why? Why?

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:56:06

Ah yes, the slippers and cheese 'n port combo.

Classy. Very classy.

nailpolish Tue 25-Nov-08 13:56:28

lol at shower gel MD
im glad its not just me

Iklboo Tue 25-Nov-08 13:56:39

Bath oil (I can't stand baths, I prefer showers)
Drinking party games (i'm nearly sodding 40)
Wine we don't like (Country Manor, rose, Rougemont Castle - MIL only ever buys 'medium sweet' wine <bauk>)
Chick flick films
Chick lit books

I am SO ungrateful blush

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:57:24

(I quite fancy some of those driving anthems though. Being a crazy devil may care SALT in my oh so sensible Renault people carrier tearing off to next ememrgency language group appointment.)

Tanee58 Tue 25-Nov-08 13:57:38

a full length white cotton nightie from my (now ex) MIL. just looking at it made me feel about 90.

but i love candles!

nailpolish Tue 25-Nov-08 13:58:50

im an ungrateful cow too

last year elderly aunt of dhs gave me leather mule slippers
they were so horrible
i looked up at her beaming and she had the same pair on
omg i was so mortified
dh later informed me they cost £50!!!!
they were those van dal thingys

when i handed them into the bethany shop the woman at the counter im sure immediately puyt them on her own feet when i left

givethedogabone Tue 25-Nov-08 13:58:54

Message withdrawn

moondog Tue 25-Nov-08 13:59:28

I am this <holds up index finger and thumb. Same hand. Obv.> far from taking nearest and dearest gently by the shoulders and saying

'Please I beg of you, don't buy me anything this year. Really, don't. You'd be doing me a huge favour.'

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