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Tree up already ludicrously early - are we first?

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MatBackFeck Sun 23-Nov-08 21:12:45

Put the tree and Xmas decorations up today including wreath on door. Was a reason, am normally bah humbugush, are we first? Will the neighbours laugh at us?

Strangely, it was less stressful than normal (normally last minute panic arounf December 18th) so maybe is better.

TheArmadillo Sun 23-Nov-08 21:13:29

yes you weirdo
get it down

not even december yet

Lilyloo Sun 23-Nov-08 21:15:15

saw 3 up tonight but maybe first mner !

janeite Sun 23-Nov-08 21:15:30

Depends on the neighbours. Here, we would judge you. It is November fgs.

poppy34 Sun 23-Nov-08 21:16:00

not seen any trees but saw some outdoor lights last week

SmallShips Sun 23-Nov-08 21:16:18

Well i've been laughing at my neighbour for having theirs up since yesterday!

I know lots of people have reasons to do it early though.

elsiepiddock Sun 23-Nov-08 21:17:01

We would point and laugh

lilolilmanchester Sun 23-Nov-08 21:24:55

Some people do have very good (and often very sad) reasons for celebrating Christmas early, so need to be careful not to be too judgemental.

theinsider Sun 23-Nov-08 21:26:45

What are these good reasons for having christmas/trees up early? [curious]

They sound sad, I'll have tissues ready for the replies...

i will put mine up next monday night. would do it on sunday night but i will be away until about 10pm.

sleepycat Sun 23-Nov-08 21:28:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eve Sun 23-Nov-08 21:28:18

DS has been asking since Sept for xmas tree, I promised him when lights and trees in the town are switched on.

They wwent on yesterday but I have deferred tree to next weekend..

lilolilmanchester Sun 23-Nov-08 21:36:57

saddest example is if you decide to celebrate early because you know that a loved one is unlikely to still be with you at Christmas.

I've also heard of people celebrating early because family are visiting from oversees or conversely about to emigrate.

I would be the first one to find it hard to understand why people have their decorations up already just for the sake of it, but just wanted to point out there are reasons why mocking might not be appropriate

BONKERZ Sun 23-Nov-08 21:39:53

ours go up 1st december till 1st jan. was what my mum did and since she died its become a family tradition!!!!!!

Nemowith3and1tobe Sun 23-Nov-08 21:41:49

Ds has had me looking all weekend for someone else with theirs up. WE will put up some deccies next week as its first week of advent but we wont put our tree up until mid dec as will get a real one when the conservatory should hopefully be finished.

girlandboy Sun 23-Nov-08 21:43:21

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.



It's way too early.

SueW Sun 23-Nov-08 21:45:23

We used to celebrate late Nov when I fltt-shared before all the Xmas parties for work started.

Then DH & I and DD have celebrated late Nov with my family when spending Xmas Down Under with family/when we moved to Oz for a year.

jalopy Sun 23-Nov-08 21:54:24

Far too early. It's still summer.

crokky Sun 23-Nov-08 21:58:28

We have some paperchains sellotaped on the wall. DS (2) and me made them so I had to show him immediately what they were for rather than putting them in a cupboard. We haven't ever had a tree or decorations before and I think DS and DD (baby) will love the colours - so I am going to put it up this week! We are getting a fakey so it will last.

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 23-Nov-08 21:58:52

Message withdrawn

unavailable Sun 23-Nov-08 22:03:17

mbf - why?
If its for no specific reason (discussed above) then dont you feel sick of it all before Xmas actually happens?

MatBackFeck Sun 23-Nov-08 22:40:02

I know, I know mock away, it is early and I probably deserve it. I'm afraid the reason is very mundane (hadnt thought about people having to celebrate early sad) - my sister went to live abroad for a while and left all her Xmas decorations and tree in our loft. This year she is back and came round to get it all today (because she wanted to have them to put up on the 1st December at her house - SHE is really into it) - so I had to fish it all out of the loft where it was all mixed up with our stuff. I had to unpack it all to get hers out so I thought I might as well put it all up rather than putting it away again and tripping over the boxes for the next couple of weeks and trying to stop dc strewing it all around.

But as i say, I am actually revelling in the sadness - I am never normally early for anything.

You're right tho, I'll be sick to the back teeth of it by Christmas Day.

mumeeee Sun 23-Nov-08 22:46:43

Much to early.

bubblerock Sun 23-Nov-08 22:52:51

We wait until after 14th December as it's my Mums birthday, they are lovely at first but then it's relief to put them away for another year!

solo Sun 23-Nov-08 22:57:49

Mines been up since July! grin

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