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Any good Santa Grottos in Glasgow?

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ilikeyoursleeves Wed 19-Nov-08 22:10:15

DS has just turned one and has never met Santa! I am going to take him to meet the man himself but not sure where to go? Any advice would be great ta

ja9 Wed 19-Nov-08 22:57:47

I've heard the Frasers one is really good but don't know any more info... sorry!

ceciliaaherne Wed 19-Nov-08 22:59:19

I would maybe make it less formal for a one year old. Often Santa is bumbling about on the top floor of Debenhams. Go at a quiet time- your ds may well be terrified.

ja9 Wed 19-Nov-08 23:03:12

yes agree. for anyone in central scot the santa in debenhams in stirling last yr was AMAZING! The real one i'm sure...

Aimsmum Wed 19-Nov-08 23:05:15

Message withdrawn

scotlass Wed 19-Nov-08 23:14:25

my favourite santa experience is about half hour drive from glasgow in the clyde valley, crosshouse or crosshills - having a brain stop - garden centre. You go on a train to a display area, there's a soft play and you see santa in a log cabin. It's great, have taken my DD there nearly every year since she was 2, she's 9 now and still wants to go.

scotlass Wed 19-Nov-08 23:27:45

crossford even grin

horsemadgal Thu 20-Nov-08 11:06:19

Oo scotlass I didn't take DS to that one last year as I had heard that they try to sell you stuff all the way around.
We usually go to the one at Sandyholm.
There's also one across from the Poinjay that is quite good, you go on a tractor ride and then into a sort of indoor funfair.

haggisaggis Thu 20-Nov-08 11:12:06

The one in Debenhams, Stirling once announced to me in front of the kids that he recognised me as he lived in the same street!
Try explaining that to a 4 year old.

BexieID Thu 20-Nov-08 12:48:01

We went to the Frasers one last year and it was good. Was thinking about going to the George Square one this year. Will have a look to see if the Braehead one will be there next week seeing as we're going anyway. Theres also one at the Falkirk wheel.

Toms first chrimbo, we went to a dodgy one in a garden shed at Loch Lomond shores!

ja9 Thu 20-Nov-08 23:01:24

We've booked to see FC at Falkirk Wheel. V expensive imo but we had a money off voucher. Have high hopes about it...

skramble Thu 20-Nov-08 23:03:06

xscape are doing one on snow, no idea what it is like though

Aimsmum Fri 21-Nov-08 09:50:23

Message withdrawn

skramble Fri 21-Nov-08 23:00:37

If santa is rubbish at least there is snow, and you can do tobganning, bit pricey but kids love it, need warm gear plus big boots or wellies. We are booking for the ring slide for older kids and the climbing grin can't wait, big treat for me and the kids using my ebay money.

BexieID Fri 21-Nov-08 23:01:54

I can't see the xscape one, lol.

BexieID Fri 21-Nov-08 23:02:38

Can see it now, lol.

BexieID Fri 21-Nov-08 23:04:41

Actually, I see the one in the mall, is that the same thing? Will go next week then as my parents are visiting and we're going to Braehead/Ikea.

skramble Fri 21-Nov-08 23:10:22

I can see the pub from here LOL grin, nah thats just wishful thinking. Hold on no I think the one in the mall is different. Was goo last year in the mall they had free crafts to make and a remote control tree.

[[ -the-slope/?PHPSESSID=615b91a1552529c0661e517ebbfbb7b0 Here it is, £6.50, the gift better be good]

skramble Fri 21-Nov-08 23:10:54

-the-slope/?PHPSESSID=615b91a1552529c0661e517ebbfbb7b0 Here it is, £6.50, the gift better be good

skramble Fri 21-Nov-08 23:12:40

I give up, it is there on the website honest grin.

BexieID Sat 22-Nov-08 06:17:53

Thanks, got there in the end! Shame it's not on next week though. Might go with daddy to xscape and my parents to the mall one next week. I'd love to goto the Falkirk wheel one but money is well tight seeing as my camera is costing £127 to fix! hmm

asif Sat 22-Nov-08 08:23:37

hi skramble, what age would 7 and 10 yr olds like, toboganning or the ice slide(they aren't scared of much!)

skramble Sat 22-Nov-08 22:36:02

Not tried the ice slide yet, we did toboggan last year kids were 8 and 10. Bit tame for the 10yr old but he enjoyed it all the same. Perhaps the ice slide would be a bit more exciting. Thats what we are trying this year.

asif Sun 23-Nov-08 09:16:27


are you going soon?

trixymalixy Sun 23-Nov-08 11:04:41

Ooh, good suggestions, thanks!

Bexie, are you not better buying a new camera for that amount fo money?

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