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Ds2 has to be a ... wait for it... MINCE PIE in his Nativity play. Costume help, please, please!

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wilbur Mon 10-Nov-08 15:43:29

Can anyone think how to create a mince pie costume for ds2? Big cardboard hat? Or just a cutout of a mincepie tied around his neck? Would like to be a bit more creative than that, but within reason..

dollius Tue 30-Dec-08 06:42:08

I totally missed this!
Well done Wilbur - yes, my DS was singing "five mince pies, very very tasty, made with flaky pastry..." Unfortunately, he lisps very badly and shouts rather than sings, so the effect was rather comic.
And thankfully the nursery ended up making mince-pie cutouts for them to hold in the end so I was let off the hook.

LedodgyChristmasjumper Sun 30-Nov-08 14:26:46

Well done you!

wilbur Sun 30-Nov-08 14:26:26

[smug alpha mummy emoticon]

wilbur Sun 30-Nov-08 14:25:57

The pie is made! It's a triumph of cardboard and crayon, with holly and berries made by ds1. Still have to attach string or elastic and persuade ds2 to wear it, but we're mostly there. Found dd's reindeer antlers too, for her play, so I have got this Nativity thing sussed, I reckon.

LedodgyChristmasjumper Sun 30-Nov-08 14:22:03


oxocube Sun 30-Nov-08 14:17:55

Very funny. Dd is a cog this year, as in a wheel, and has to cartwheel across the stage (don't even ask!) but mercifully, I just have to provide black tights and a red tee-shirt! Good luck with the pie!

welshdeb Sun 30-Nov-08 12:45:43

yes thats the one 5 mince pies very very tasty

Parofleurmapu Sun 30-Nov-08 12:26:52

Hehe Sorry had to laugh at this Think i may know the play your son is doing we did it at our school couple years ago, the song they had to sing was. "5 mince pies very very tasty,......!!!!

On serious note to help you: There were a range of costumes but we said brown tights, brown/beige t.shirt, maybe cutout pies stitched on and holly on the head on top of a round beige beret.

Grammaticus Sun 30-Nov-08 11:20:50

Yes. Sandwich board the way to go. I had to do a bauble a few years ago. That was a speaking part! [snigger]

welshdeb Sun 30-Nov-08 11:17:06

my ds was a mince pie a few years ago. I made a large cardboard cutout mince pie and hung it round his neck sandwich - board style.

Hassled Sun 30-Nov-08 10:54:14

You're a much nicer person than I am blush. Sorry, my comment wasn't really very helpful.

wilbur Sun 30-Nov-08 10:09:14

Hassled, yes I thought that at first and then I thought about them dealing with 30 2 and 3 yr olds on a daily basis (and I'm deeply grateful that they take ds2 off my hands every morning) and figured I could manage a costume grin.

Hassled Sun 30-Nov-08 09:57:48

What weird twisted parallel universe do these people live in? What would ever make them think "I know, in the busy run up the Christmas, when parents are already stressed enough, let's get them to make a mince pie costume just for fun". FFS.

wilbur Sun 30-Nov-08 09:54:29

Dollius - the big costume make is today! I had a go at the hula hoop thing, but ds2 is too small (he's only 3 and little for his age) and the hoop was too big for him - if I raised it enough so it wasn't dragging on the ground, it was too top heavy, iyswim. Anyway, I have cardboard and poster paints and am going to attempt a costume like the other kids are wearing in the link that geaordieminx put up. Will let you know how I get on.

dollius Thu 27-Nov-08 12:39:44

How did you get on with this?

My DS1 also has to be a mince pie in his chrismas play. Help!

wilbur Mon 10-Nov-08 16:30:26

Think I am def going to try the hulahoop thing and will see if it's best over head or round middle. Round middle would give an impressive 3D effect though.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 10-Nov-08 16:29:51

I'd do a sandwhich board afair with a cardboard cut out of a mince pie back and front and some holly on his head. He could wear a yellow t shirt which'd be brandy butter.

MmeLindt Mon 10-Nov-08 16:27:40

LOL at the credit card rap.

I am shuddering at the "cute" costumes around. Here is a pie one

Could you make the pie shape with a hulahoop around his middle?

CatIsSleepy Mon 10-Nov-08 16:27:19

OMG @ that turkey picture shock

wilbur Mon 10-Nov-08 16:27:16

ROFL! A meditation on the causes of the credit crunch through the medium of rap, excellent. Did you have a dancing repossession order as well?

SheikYerbouti Mon 10-Nov-08 16:23:45

I can even remeber the rap I had to doi..

"It ain't hard
with a credit card
Those pounds and notes
you can disregard
I'm your way
To a brighter day]
with this piece of plastic
you can let me pay"

I had to accompany it with elaborate rap hand gestures and I wore a baseball cap and some bling.

IIRC, I was dressed as an Access card [shows age]

It was Oscar winning stuff, I tells ya. Steven Spielberg and Baz Luhrman rang me so many times afterwards that I had to change my number

wilbur Mon 10-Nov-08 16:21:47

Was it a morality play about the evils of Xmas shopping, Sheik?

revjustabout Mon 10-Nov-08 16:21:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SheikYerbouti Mon 10-Nov-08 16:20:20

Wilbur, that is the funniest thing I have read today. Bless him

If it's any consolation, I had to be a credit card in a school play once.

wilbur Mon 10-Nov-08 16:19:20

OMG - there is something deeply, deeply wrong and disturbing about that link, mmelindt. grin

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