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Christmas traditions

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chocbutton Sat 08-Nov-08 21:48:57

What things do you do every year that really make it christmas for you? DH, DS and I are having xmas dinner at our own house for the first time this year (still seeing both families first!) so it feels really special this year.
My only traditions are new PJ's and lighting a candle on xmas eve but as DS is nearly 2 he can join in more this year- share your christmassy traditions with me please!

DiscoDizzy Sat 08-Nov-08 21:49:56

I do like thread like this but there has just been a big long running thread from MN asking the same question smile

thumbwitch Sat 08-Nov-08 21:50:36

buying my potted christmas tree and putting all the lights and decs on the first day of December! only missed one year but have done it ever since.

chocbutton Sat 08-Nov-08 21:54:58

oops! missed that one blush can you link please?
TW, you must be very organised to do this on Dec 1st! I am usually frantically trying to get a tree about Dec 20th!!

thumbwitch Sat 08-Nov-08 21:58:40

ah well, not having children up until now had somethign to do with it! Even last year I managed it as I was going in for induction on 2nd December! grin

chocbutton Sat 08-Nov-08 22:00:05

wow, how did you bend to get the decorations out of the box wink

thumbwitch Sat 08-Nov-08 22:03:10

had MIL and DH on hand to pass things to me! wink

DiscoDizzy Sat 08-Nov-08 22:04:03

here ye go

chocbutton Sat 08-Nov-08 22:05:50

thanks DD

InterruptingKid Mon 09-Nov-09 09:07:15

and here

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