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Can I get away with not buying my 18m DD any Christmas presents?

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hidetheribbons Fri 07-Nov-08 13:13:21

She will get presents from grandparents. She will also get her older sister's hand-me-down toys out of the roofspace, which will be new to her! She is too young to understand about Christmas and we already have most of the things an 18m old can play with. Don't want to clutter up the house with more stuff that doesn't add any more play value.

What do you think to the idea of wrapping up the toys in the roofspace so she has something to unwrap on Christmas day?

Or even wrapping up her well-loved toys?
Or am I being a meanie?

PuppyMonkey Fri 07-Nov-08 13:14:45

Sounds like a blardy good idea to me... think I'll do the same with my 18mo... smile

sweetkitty Fri 07-Nov-08 13:14:55

Honestly I would buy her one new toy thats just for her and wrap up a few ones that are up the loft.

jeee Fri 07-Nov-08 13:15:23

She won't know, will she? I'm getting my 18 month old tiny presents, for the sake of her older siblings, otherwise she'd have nothing. But then, I am really, really, mean.

twoluvlykids Fri 07-Nov-08 13:18:15

someone I know, gave her 18mo nephew a box of "crap", eg kitchen rolls (empty), crinkly paper, bubble wrap, foam chips, etc.

He was delighted, so was his mum!

used2bthin Fri 07-Nov-08 13:19:28

My DD was 15months last christmas and my mum and others had got her so much that I put some of their stuff into a stocking for her! She didn't understand what was from who and it can get a bit overwhelming. I did get her a trike as a main thing but that was something I would have got anyway. That was it though. I find it hard not to as I keep seeing clothes and toys she'd like but I have neither the space or the money for it all! I think its very reasonable to give her stuff from the loft, its new to her and saves you getting too over run with stuff.

missorinoco Fri 07-Nov-08 13:19:41

A thread on here a while ago suggested wrapping up a box filled with balloons. She will love the box if not the balloons! But I agree, DS is 18 months and would love it if he unwrapped his toys.

hidetheribbons Fri 07-Nov-08 13:28:27

Thanks everyone! Glad I posted this under Christmas and not under AIBU!

You're right, at that age they get more enjoyment out of the wrapping paper and boxes!

I just don't want her growing up with the feeling that she's always getting her older sister's cast offs.

MumtoCharlieandLola Fri 07-Nov-08 13:31:05

Hi, I don't think at 18 months she will know they are her sisters castoffs. My ds is 2 and last Christmas he was 18 months and I wrapped up his big brothers toys from the loft. Mind you I had to bribe said brother from exclaiming, 'that was mine!' every time hi opened something.

Don't feel guilty, needs must and besides, will she not be getting stuff from other relatives anyway ?

MumtoCharlieandLola Fri 07-Nov-08 13:31:37

blush oops 'he' opened something

KerryMum Fri 07-Nov-08 13:32:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuppyMonkey Fri 07-Nov-08 13:36:47

But she WILL have toys under the tree, just not new ones...

MrsBadger Fri 07-Nov-08 13:39:04


wrap the hand-me-downs and collect some crap heuristic play objects

dd's favourite first birthday presents were a box of pine cones, some cardboard poster tubes and her very own peg bag hmm

meemar Fri 07-Nov-08 13:47:19

She's not being mean. Babies know nothing of the value of money. Her dd will be receiving things that she'll enjoy and that's what matters.

hidetheribbons Fri 07-Nov-08 13:53:43

Erm .... what are heuristic play objects?

schmu Fri 07-Nov-08 13:54:54

the only problem i'd have with this is that i wouldnt feel right spending on one child and not the other. probably, daft, but that's how i'd feel, i think. i'd have to come up with a plan to make it seem more equal, some how. hmmm...

2cats2many Fri 07-Nov-08 14:02:55

Just a thought.........isnn't it going to 'rumble' things for the older sibling re: Father Christmas if he/ she sees that your 18 month old only got old toys for Christmas.

I'm all for your idea in principle, but you might need to come up with a good cover story in order not to spoil things for the older child (unless the older sibling is waaaaay beyond the Santa Claus stage).

jeee Fri 07-Nov-08 14:06:31

2cats - the presents Father Christmas gives are from him, nothing to do with stuff I don't buy.

MrsBadger Fri 07-Nov-08 14:26:21

heuristic play objects are pine cones, cardboard tubes, the peg bag etc

do an archive search for either 'heuristic' or 'wnaky basket' - FrannyandZooey (cutrrently offline with new baby) is an expert

carries Fri 07-Nov-08 19:44:37

Not being a meanie at all! I'm doing the same. Some of the toys in our loft have been there for nearly 2 years so DD2 older sister will not remember them. I've bought DD2 (21 mos) one thing and will do a stocking of stuff she needs (socks, toothbrushe etc). Save your money for a few years time when they know what is happening.

teenagersmother Wed 31-Oct-12 20:06:41

My daughter's old toys were recycled for her brothers 1st xmas as he was 3 months old at the time and we were skint !
She recognised one of the toys and said " oh Santa has given baby the toy I liked when I was a baby, isn't Santa clever ?"
So that explanation came from her at 4 years old. Suited me !
Oh and you are not being mean at all. Just wrap them up and jobs a good 'un.

Some0ne Fri 02-Nov-12 16:45:37

I'm planning to do the same with DS - he'll be 10 months, DD will be 2.6. He's getting a new carseat as well, which bulks things out somewhat!

I don't want to do it every year obviously, and DD would cop it pretty quickly anyway - her memory is way better than mine!

Smokedsalmonbagel Fri 02-Nov-12 20:51:18

Glad you posted this.

I feel a bit mean that DS1 age 5 gets all the new stuff and DS2 age 2 gets the hand me downs!

When family ask what they want for Christmas I can think of stuff DS1 wants but really struggle with DS2.

Hes already got too many toys he doesn't play with. Plus he doesn't need any clothes.

I have got him a couple of small presents for Christmas. I do feel a bit mean but I guess it wont matter until they get older. I'm new to sibling rivalry as I'm an only!!!

Bagofspiders Fri 02-Nov-12 20:58:54

That's exactly what I'm going to do for DS. I did it last Christmas too, and for his birthday i wrapped up a big cardboard box with balls and balloons in. He was delighted with it! He's got just about every toy he could possibly want handed down, I really don't see the point of spending money on things he already has.

ChippingInLovesAutumn Fri 02-Nov-12 21:00:54

It's fine - they just love unwrapping stuff, it doesn't have to be brand new - it can even be toys they love - far too young to understand or care. Make the most of it while it lasts! It's only parental guilt the 'second hand/hand me downs' thing until they're much older.

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