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What do I get my ds (5) who doesn't play with toys?

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MilaMae Sun 02-Nov-08 21:07:15

He likes craft stuff,listening to Cds,books,role play, and playing on the computer. Trying to steer him away from the pc but totally stumped as to what to get him. The other 2 are easy.

iheartdusty Sun 02-Nov-08 21:11:14


stick insects

eyeclops (microscope that plugs into the TV)

cd player


dressing up for role play

metal detector

more craft stuff!!


puppet theatre

strategy game thing

Aefangedkiss Sun 02-Nov-08 21:21:40

magic tricks


have you been on book people website.. you can get a whole series of books on c.d for very little

Aefangedkiss Sun 02-Nov-08 21:25:30

oh this looks cool

ramonaquimby Sun 02-Nov-08 21:25:55

magnifying glass
walkie talkies

MilaMae Sun 02-Nov-08 21:27:08

Some lovely ideas-great grin!!!!

Many thanks

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