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What flavour icecream would you reckon is the most Christmassy?

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DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:19:37

Now being a proud owner of an icecream maker (freecycle) and having made the most delicious apple icecream,
what unusual icecream flavour would be best for christmas?
I was thinking vanilla with some brandy in, but MIL avoids alcohol so perhaps need non-alcoholic alternative
Any suggestions, am salivating already in anticipation.....

franke Sun 02-Nov-08 17:21:26

something with cinnamon and raisins maybe?

Dior Sun 02-Nov-08 17:21:40

Message withdrawn

mrsmaidamess Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:05

Christmas Pudding flavour

Mince Pie flavour (mix mincemeat into vanilla)

MrsMattie Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:10

Rum & raisin?

Um, no alcohol...whjat about a Christmas pud flavoured one? Sounds gross, but I had a nice version of this a few years ago.

Something with with a bit of spice? or dried fruit?

GreatGhoullyMoogly Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:18

Rum and raisin, but not sure if rum essence is actually alcoholic.

purplemonkeydishwasher Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:19


DippyDora Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:25


purplemonkeydishwasher Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:27


DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:22:41

cinammon, raisins and almonds?? or something nuttyish

BBBee Sun 02-Nov-08 17:23:48

have ssen a recipe for ginerbread icecream - i think you make vanilla and stir in broekn up cake.

can dig out if you like.

DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:23:49

I think christmas pud flavour would work very well
How did you do it?
And also like rum and raisin

expatinscotland Sun 02-Nov-08 17:25:38


twinsetandpearls Sun 02-Nov-08 17:26:28

I make a yummy cinnamon icecream.

DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:26:40

And so the mince pie flavour is just mincemeat stirred into vanilla?
Has anyone made this ?
Gingerbread ice cream sounds christmassy too

QuintessentialGunpowderPlot Sun 02-Nov-08 17:28:00

Rum & Raisin

DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:28:12

Well I at least now have too many options
christmas pud
rum and raisin perhaps not quite christmassy enough

I'll just have to forget the maincourse and make all icecream courses instead

LynetteScavo Sun 02-Nov-08 17:29:54

This might not help, but DH gets vanilla ice cream, puts it in a blender with christmas pudding, then puts it in a chirstmas pudding bowl and refreezes it.

Dior Sun 02-Nov-08 17:31:17

Message withdrawn

Elk Sun 02-Nov-08 17:31:27

Chocolate ice cream is the only flavour as far as I am concerned!

DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:31:37

I think it would improve christmas pudding no end to be made into icecream LS
I can usually only manage a teaspoon
Hmm, wonder how the DCs would take it (the die hard traditionalists )

christiana Sun 02-Nov-08 17:32:30

Message withdrawn

DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:32:58

Dior, MIL would definitely love that flavour, she has a secret never-ending supply of thedarnthings quality streets

DarrellRivers Sun 02-Nov-08 17:33:51

And no suggestions so far of brussel spout flavoured icecream grin

Lilymaid Sun 02-Nov-08 17:34:52

Delias' Iced Christmas Pudding with Glace Fruits - yes it is from the St Delia Christmas book.

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