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Gift websites that have free p&p.

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DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 01-Nov-08 18:32:16

Do any of you know any good sites fo presents for children or adults that have free P&P.

I use a lot and I know White Co does at the mo (but a bit expensive for us).

Tridias did for a while but it was only for orders over £85, which I thought a bit cheeky.


ChasingSquirrels Sat 01-Nov-08 18:33:04

amazon has free delivery over £5 atm I think.

janeite Sat 01-Nov-08 18:42:10

The Book People usually do for orders over £25.

bamboo Sat 01-Nov-08 18:59:48

I use John Lewis loads for this reason.

DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 01-Nov-08 19:08:11

Ooh, have just remembered WH Smiths do too.

PinkPussyCat Sat 01-Nov-08 19:09:52

I think JojoMamanBebe do too

Lovingthepink Sat 01-Nov-08 19:15:31

Marks and Spencers have free delibery for everything at the moment

DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 01-Nov-08 19:42:55

M&S, haven't looked at them. Will look now.

Jojo a bit young for my lot, unfortunately, but useful for many others. Have a shop locally too.

Might do another book people order if I can get Dh to advise on books for his brother and wife.

Thankyou all. This is very useful.


Lapsedrunner Sat 01-Nov-08 19:45:16

Another vote for John Lewis

bozza Sat 01-Nov-08 19:49:01

Red house for books.

Also always worth looking on hotukdeals to see if you can get a free postage code.

spring2life Sat 01-Nov-08 23:17:26

I think kiddykool do.

GunpowderTreasonAndLemon Sat 01-Nov-08 23:28:44

HMV do.

ramonaquimby Sun 02-Nov-08 01:29:01

got excited about kiddykool (am sucker for free delivery) but it's only on orders over £50 at the moment....

DesperateHousewifeToo Sun 02-Nov-08 15:19:13

I looked at 'not on the highstreet' the other day.

After clicking 'buy' for a variety of things, I realised that I was going to be charged a separate delivery charge for each item because they were all from different suppliers!

So gave up on that.

ramonaquimby Sun 02-Nov-08 15:20:40

found some gorgeous wooden letters on 'not on the highstreet' the other day, quite reasonable, but p&p was £5.95!!!! was going to send snarky note to seller but couldn't be bothered.

amidaiwish Sun 02-Nov-08 15:32:20

i quite often send a note to the seller if i think the P&P charge is too high. usually they give me a discount if it's light and going in the post.

spring2life Sun 02-Nov-08 15:48:05

Ah sorry about that , I think I must of spent too much on kiddykool thenwinkthere then. I did use the mums net discount voucher that was around a while ago.

apostrophe Sun 02-Nov-08 19:03:22

Message withdrawn

JellycatShopkeeper Sun 02-Nov-08 20:32:42

My shop here. smile

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