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M&S food ordering catalogue is awful this year

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KatieDD Thu 30-Oct-08 18:36:32

Literally just turkeys and veg.
No really nice puddings, no nice nibbles.
I am very disappointed I think I'll go to the local butcher and just take my chances and buy the veg as usual save queing too.

MingMingtheWonderPet Thu 30-Oct-08 18:39:44

Are you sure that there are not 2 books? One for the purely Xmas stuff (ie turkey etc) and one for all the nibbles and cakes they have to order all year round.
This is what Waitrose have, their regular ordering catlogue and a Xmas supplement one running alongside.

KatieDD Thu 30-Oct-08 18:46:25

Maybe, but last year it was altogether, I was going to write in and complain lol

Weegle Thu 30-Oct-08 18:46:45

not sure where you're looking but the catalogue online is full of nibbles, puddings etc.

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