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last year i never got round to sending any cards so

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nailpolish Thu 30-Oct-08 15:40:41

this year i am not sending any
i dont think anyone actually noticed
oh i sent some to mum and brother
but not sandra who i was neighbours with ten years ago
or cousin wilf i havent seen since i was 8

Dragonbutter Thu 30-Oct-08 15:41:48

i gave one to MIL because we were there.
nobody else.

hercules1 Thu 30-Oct-08 15:42:25

I never send cards and I hate recieving them. I'm a bit ocd about cards and chuck em out/recyle as soon as I am given them.

nailpolish Thu 30-Oct-08 15:42:39

its great isnt it
cards are a total PITA and ive been thinking that for years

Cheesesarnie Thu 30-Oct-08 15:43:50

we make cards for grandparents and close family.and dc give class cards.but thats it.waste of money and trees

SmugColditz Thu 30-Oct-08 15:46:32

I never send cards. (Except to grandpa).

SqueakyPop Thu 30-Oct-08 15:48:35

I didn't get round to it one year (pregnant or new mum, can't remember which), and never got round to resuming. DD is now 6.

I have lots of cards though, that I never got round to sending, so could just start up again for only the cost of postage.

elliott Thu 30-Oct-08 15:51:11

I dind't get round to it one year becasue my mum was very ill. I had one friend who said 'yes, I thought it was strange, and wondered if you were ok' [heart-warming emoticon] and another who said 'oh I thought we must have done something to offend you hmm'
I guess the rest didn't notice...

I love hearing from people I don't often see. But I'm always very disappointed if I don't get a snippet of news in the card!

nailpolish Thu 30-Oct-08 15:53:30

and we dobnt live near any family so i spend about £15 on stamps

and £25 on cards or whtever

what a waste of money

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