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Present Ideas for 13 year old girls?

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Pennies Wed 29-Oct-08 21:19:32

Easy on the make-up and all that jazz ideally?
Am stumped, despite being convinced that I was turning 13 oh-so-very-recently. Turns out it was blardy years ago.

Furball Thu 30-Oct-08 06:17:33

Ipod and an itunes voucher? - doesn't have to be that expensive, you can get an ipod shuffle that will hold 250 songs for about £30. or obviously if you wanted to spend more you could buy the next one up. The only thing with the shuffle is you can't see a playlist.

cheekysealion Thu 30-Oct-08 07:41:24


clothes shops voucher or itunes voucher...

cinema tickets,


chocolate from hotel chocolat

magazine subscription

Pennies Thu 30-Oct-08 15:18:14

OOh I like the magazine subscription idea - what mags to girls of that age read?

cheekysealion Thu 30-Oct-08 15:34:58

to be honest i am not sure.... maybe start another thread....!!!!

if you have tesco clubcard couchers you can do it through them and get it sent as a gift

janeite Thu 30-Oct-08 18:01:56

DD1 13 would like:

- a new mobile phone (she has no chance)
- a hairdryer and straighteners
- a pet rat, dog and or/fish
- the 3rd and 4th books from the "Twilight" series
- strange jewellery from Topshop, to include rings with flies on and hairclips with dogs on
- bath bombs, nail varnish
- perfume - but she has expensive tastes and is therefore unlikely to get it
- a sewing machine and lots of sewing stuff (this might well be the thing we get her)

Magazine wise, she likes Teenage Elle and Vogue, Shout and Sugar - she buys one of them from her pocket money each month, usually the one with the "best" free gift; I say best loosely as they usually involve very sticky lipgloss or lurid eyeshadows!

SmugColditz Thu 30-Oct-08 18:04:17

Boots voucher

swedishmum Thu 30-Oct-08 19:32:50

I'm stumped with dd2 (nearly 13) as well. She also has a birthday between now and Christmas - as do dd1 and ds2, dd3's is shortly afterwards.
Dd2 has phone with MP3 player (present for putting up with 11 plus), laptop, digital camera, very nice neighbour who brings fab samples from job in make up co, uses big sis's GHDs blah di blah. Sounds spoilt but isn't. Other dcs also have no ideas for presents. I'm certainly not getting repeat presents for the sake of it.

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