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Twims Tue 28-Oct-08 14:26:08

Am buying a present for 2 boys 5.10 and 2.8 and want to find something that both boys can enjoy as we all know that younger siblings want to play with older siblings toys grin

Was thinking something like playmobil? Any other ideas

cherryliquormonster Tue 28-Oct-08 14:35:57


acoady Tue 28-Oct-08 16:58:23

Space stuff? If either of them might want to become an astronaut, can be the sort of stuff both ages are into. See:

HappyMummyOfOne Tue 28-Oct-08 17:17:12

Playmobil has some tiny parts and may not be suitable for the 2.8 year old.

Elefun is a great game to play as simple and fun.

ELC have lots of adventure toys that would cover both age groups from farms to space toys.

AnneOfAvonlea Tue 28-Oct-08 17:43:53

Playmobil is great idea. I think at 2.8 they can cope with small bits but worth checking with the parents. My 1.10 DD is fine with it.

babylover252 Thu 30-Oct-08 14:24:32

i also think playmobil is great, there is loads to choose from my nephew loves playing with things like pirates and knights with catapults they have great fun, check this site out and great toys to choose from

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