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where to get good value xmas hampers

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elmoandella Mon 27-Oct-08 21:40:20

looking to spend about £40.

but the likes of m&s i think are really taking the p* with what you get for your money.

anyone know where i can get a great selection of nice treats for a reasonable price. cant make myself as i've just not got the time.

cherryliquormonster Mon 27-Oct-08 21:43:22

send me the money and i'll make one for you lol......

elmoandella Mon 27-Oct-08 21:46:10

i know i'd be far cheaper going to internationalle and getting a cheap ass wicker basket and doing myself. but the thought of finding smoked sammon and special choccies to fill 5 hampers with 2 toddlers isn't fun.

cherryliquormonster Mon 27-Oct-08 22:02:26

i wish i only had two toddlers. i have two ds's aged 10 and 7, and two dd's aged 3 and 2. am doing loads of hampers this year so if you one done let me know xx

cherryliquormonster Mon 27-Oct-08 22:06:52

i am doing mine in the hessian bags you can buy from tesco and sainsburys, they are great coz as well as getting a yummy hamper you get a reusable bag which really helps the environment. can get loads of stuff to fill them online and i'm baking a load of stuff myself too

CapnJadetheKnife Mon 27-Oct-08 22:09:43

might nick that hessian bag idea cherry - tis very good.

You won't find a reasonable hamper easily. They are very overpriced for what you get in them and just not worth the money.

IF you buy the stuff prepacked and put it in a nice basket/bag it will take around 1 hour planning, 1 hour at shop to buy stuff and 1 hour to put together. For about 10 of them.

It really is just as simple as shopping for a standard present.

Have done it for a couple of years, including baking my own stuff and it really isn't any extra effort.

lilolilmanchester Mon 27-Oct-08 22:16:50

LOVE the hessian bag idea. Suspect that takes some of the work out of arranging it all in a hamper ?

By the way, if you have a HomeSense nearby (think they're part of the same chain as TKMaxx) they had some fabulous oils/vinegars/olives/chocolates etc last time I was in and relatively reasonably priced.

cherryliquormonster Mon 27-Oct-08 22:17:47

i do it every year and it works out so much cheaper than ordering one and you can choose what you put into it. i am doing one for my dad this year, and some for my mates and their families. its really easy to get the stuff online and put it together yourself.

elmoandella Tue 28-Oct-08 08:37:06

oooooh i never thought of tkmaxx. they have tonns of that type of vinegar things. like the hessian bag idea. but would like one thats not branded.

mind you. the people i want them for is dp friends. they would be bitchy about making my own.

lindseyfox Tue 28-Oct-08 20:18:31

green and blacks do hampers on their website for my mum one when she was in hospital think they start at around £20.

lindseyfox Tue 28-Oct-08 20:20:31 e/default.aspx

here is the link you can make your own hampers min value £15 and they have chocs, wine, aprons, beer, hot choc. (think they charge for del if not over a certain price aslo)

lindseyfox Tue 28-Oct-08 20:20:33 e/default.aspx

here is the link you can make your own hampers min value £15 and they have chocs, wine, aprons, beer, hot choc. (think they charge for del if not over a certain price aslo)

MingMingtheWonderPet Tue 28-Oct-08 20:28:23

Green and Black stuff looks lovely

spookycharlotte121 Tue 28-Oct-08 22:47:08

how about this one phantomofthechocolatecake put it on another thread last week. Its a bit more expencive than £40 though.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Tue 28-Oct-08 22:52:39

I've just ordered the last one spookycharlotte121. The staff can have the Harrods one instead this year, what with the credit crunch and all that.

spookycharlotte121 Tue 28-Oct-08 22:57:07

lol what are you gonna send me? Got anything nice planned? Was thinking of getting you this but thought it was a little on the cheap side!

spookycharlotte121 Tue 28-Oct-08 22:58:43

on a more sensible not there are some hampers here in your price range lol

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Tue 28-Oct-08 22:59:16 -r+201323351-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+

Here you go. grin

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Tue 28-Oct-08 23:01:31

I was going to get this one and it does work out cheaper to buy the hamper than to buy the food individually.

spookycharlotte121 Tue 28-Oct-08 23:57:46

lol I can soooo think of better ways of spending £100.... that would not be on my list.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Wed 29-Oct-08 00:02:08

It was this or these I think they are fab! grin It's very naughty!

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Wed 29-Oct-08 00:06:09

Ahh. To dream. smile

spookycharlotte121 Wed 29-Oct-08 00:07:47

lol see if I had £100 to blow i think it would either be on a spa day or something a little naughtier!

PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Wed 29-Oct-08 00:10:29

The spa day sounds good. I'm waiting to get paid and get Wednesdays off so will be booking myself in for a facial and a haircut once a month or so. I've never had pamper time.

Still love the glasses though. grin

spookycharlotte121 Wed 29-Oct-08 00:14:42

lol they are pretty.... could you hint at your dh to get them for you for christmas? Im having my hair cut on thurs. I have a very specific style in mind but i bet they cock it up and make me look gay! Im off to bed now... have fun dreaming of your galsses!!! Im hoping to dream about hunky soldiers tonight..... last night i dreamt about a zombie invasion!!!

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