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Suggestions for presents for my dad who lives in NZ

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pauamcg Sun 26-Oct-08 08:41:21


As the title says my dad lives in New Zealand and every year I struggle to think of things to send to him, his wife and 3 young girls (12, 10 & 7)for Xmas.

The main problem is the cost of postage - it normally outweighs the cost of the presents I have bought ! My dad uses English websites to order presents for us & he gets the presents delivered directly to us. We get some lovely presents from them for myself, DH & DS (5). I can never find any good websites based in New Zealand so can't do the same.

We have already done in previous years photobooks, Calenders, homemade presents etc, but this year I'm really stuck !!
Does anyone know of English gift websites that will ship to NZ ?? I was thinking of hampers etc or does anyone know of any New Zealand based websites I can use ?

If any of you have relatives abroad what do you normally send ? Do you find the postage costs very high ?

Many Thanks !

justaboutoccasionallyswears Sun 26-Oct-08 08:43:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

christiana Sun 26-Oct-08 08:44:15

Message withdrawn

GrapefruitMoon Sun 26-Oct-08 08:45:31

How about books for the children if you can find a NZ website? Apparently they are relatively expensive out there so might be appreciated? Don't know of any but that's what I'm planning to do for my nephew this year...

twentypence Sun 26-Oct-08 08:47:13

Have you tried, if you join up which is free you get free postage. They sell everything through a range of stores. I have bought one thing from Bivouac outdoor shop and it was really easy.

Or get him some lovely wines and cheeses from (or foodtown in North Island.

GrapefruitMoon Mon 27-Oct-08 16:34:55

Has anyone used the Stoffels website? It seems to be a NZ department store and the delivery costs are very reasonable...

twentypence Mon 27-Oct-08 17:46:58

Never heard of them. I've just checked out their prices for the actual products and they would be at the full price end of normal. But I believe the exchange rate is pretty tidy at the moment.

GrapefruitMoon Mon 27-Oct-08 19:07:27

Are you in NZ twentypence? Or any other NZ Mnetters about who might of heard of the store?

twentypence Mon 27-Oct-08 19:20:08

I am in the south island - as is MrsJohnCusack. There are some MNers in Wellington, but I don't think we have any in Auckland.

Most people would use Trade Me (which does have new stuff, and some traders now take credit cards - look for the pay now logo) or Ferrit. The joy of Ferrit is no postage cost - so you can send something really large!

they now take UK cards

florenceuk Mon 27-Oct-08 19:34:41

I rang up a garden centre and got them to send vouchers - you could find a local one. Also book vouchers - find a local bookshop, call them up. Or if there is a large department store (e.g. in Wellington it'd be Kirkcaldies) also good. Not sure what the equivalent in Auckland is!

twentypence Mon 27-Oct-08 21:44:13

Christchurch would be Ballantynes - and you can shop online for them.

Smith and Caughey in Auckland.

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