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How do you celebrate Xmas if you and DP are from different countries?

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southcoaster Thu 23-Oct-08 23:42:48

DH is Irish, I'm German, so whilst he will do presents on Xmas Day, I will do it on Xmas Eve. Then again I quite like the Xmas Day idea and keeping Xmas Eve more relaxed. But this year we've got my family (mother, sister and nephew 5 yrs) coming over so they will expect to do pressies on Xmas Eve. Have you had to find a compromise if yes what do you do?

Cauldronfrau Thu 23-Oct-08 23:46:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SolosWhompingWillow Thu 23-Oct-08 23:49:35

Southcoaster, at least you are on the same planet as one another.

Shitehag Thu 23-Oct-08 23:55:08

I live in Spain and I hate knowing that everyone else in the country is having their big meal on xmas eve while we are having a quiet evening and then when we are having our meal the next day on the 25th everyone else is hung over and in a sort of boxing day mood, even tho they dont have boxing day here and it's not even a holiday...

Oh yes and DP is from a country where they eat at midnight on xmas eve and then drink hot chocolate even tho it is the middle of their summer and boiling hot with 90% humidity - he hates xmas so I have to do all the traditions for our DC

Bah Humbug

more Fri 24-Oct-08 11:22:08

We do both. We have our own x-mas eve on the 24th just children, hubby and me, with all of our traditions.
The day after we go to in-laws and follow their Scottish traditions.

littleducks Fri 24-Oct-08 11:25:42

we dont do xmas so personal experience but surely the best answer is both? there cant be too much celebration can there?

AtheneNoctua Fri 24-Oct-08 11:33:50

I would do a mix. And I'd lean towards the majoity. So, since your family is coming I'd open most on Christmas Eve but save some pressies for the morning.

We have a similar debate in our house. DH likes to wrap all the pressie's from Santa. I like to just lay them out and skip the wrapping. Come to thinkof it I totally gave in this year. We have already wrapped them all... ok DH has done it, not me. The royal we you know.

BloodyStranglingwithBling Fri 24-Oct-08 11:46:08

Surely, especially if there are children concerned, thsi shouldn't be that much of an issue? You compromise and come up with your own family traditions that work for you?

My SIL and her family celebrate on Christmas Eve so when we're with them, we do the same and when they're with us, we go celebrate Christmas day. But we work a couple of both traditions in no matter what - my mum still makes mince pies for eating while we open gifts, my SIL's family buy proper candles for lighting on the tree. And my DNiece is already looking forward to her christmas cake cookies that my mum makes for her at Christmas because it's easier than a proper cake long distance. I suspect that's one tradition that's there forever...! grin

southcoaster Fri 24-Oct-08 13:57:22

Yeah I guess it'll be a mix of both. DS is only 18 months so he won't really know yet.

AtheneNoctua you have already WRAPPED all your presents???? That's impressive ...

Fennel Fri 24-Oct-08 14:14:54

Not quite the same as DP and I are both English but last year we were in Spain visiting friends in January so we had two Christmases, the UK one on 25 Dec and the Spanish one on 6 Jan. And we divided the presents so there were some for each. the dds loved it. They would like to do it every year.

francagoestohollywood Fri 24-Oct-08 14:26:17

Come to Italy then fennel grin

cherryliquormonster Fri 24-Oct-08 17:08:50

southcoaster- in my house we always open one present on christmas eve. its sort of a family tradition, my mum used to let us choose one from under the tree but i prefer to get everyone a nice pair of pj's to open on xmas eve, somehow like the idea of everyone waking up in nice new jim jams on xmas morning. would that be any good in your house?

OrmIrian Fri 24-Oct-08 17:11:51

Ah now you see I read that as 'from different counties'. You can take local customs too far you know hmm

southcoaster Fri 24-Oct-08 17:56:57

cherryliquormonster I like that .... as I said DS is inly 18 months so won't be understanding much, but it'll be a good idea no matter where we celebrate.

My nephew will be disappointed if he has to wait until Xmas Day so we'll probably do his on Xmas Eve. My sister despite being 44 will not be able to adjust her mindset and change her traditions so she'll get hers as well ..... ahhh family grin

Sassyfrassy Sat 25-Oct-08 22:30:59

We always have swedish christmas on the 24th with friends invited to share my swedish christmas lunch. We open any presents from swedish relatives on christmas eve as well. Then on the 25th we do English christmas, and as we usually go to the inlaws I only have to host one day. DD1 knows that santa brings the stocking on christmas day when you're in England and on the christmas eve if you're in sweden. Helps him make it in time after all =)

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