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Giftbox idea for SILs, what to include?

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Flowermum Thu 23-Oct-08 21:14:04

Following on from [ this thread], I'm looking for some ideas on what to get for the three SILs this christmas.

Two will need to be carried in Ryanair hand luggage (or I could post one) and one will be given on Christmas day so weight not an issue.

So please add to the list or amend it.

1)Bedsocks (M&S, anywhere else?)
2) Book ([ this] would be good for one SIL, one is pg for first time, other is a bit more difficult but sentimental)
3) Nice tea?
4) Some sort of food thing (struggling here!)
5) Pyjamas?

Want to keep costs down so might leave pyjamas out...

Flowermum Thu 23-Oct-08 21:15:23

Duh, didn't do links properly!

this thread
this book

yummybunnymummy Thu 23-Oct-08 22:27:19

We brought sil a bottle of Chanel nail varnish, which we wrapped up beautifully and was really appreciated. She thought it was a real treat as who can regularly justify £11-£13 on a bottle of nail varnish?? however she does like nail stuff.. especially if one is pg, nice lovely nails always makes you feel beautiful

Flowermum Thu 23-Oct-08 23:07:43

OH that's nice, I could make it like a mini pamper pack... That'd be nice for the pg one.
One is into this kind of malarkey
One isn't really into anything at all but likes to look after herself a bit so gets her hair done regularly and the like.
Oh this is hard!

TwoFoggyToSee Fri 24-Oct-08 09:39:15

mug and hot chocolate, coaster with a joke on it
um have girlie fridge magnets and pomanders in sets of three, would be economical to give one each

TwoFoggyToSee Fri 24-Oct-08 09:40:58

dvd and a big bag of popcord (fills up a lot of space!)

mavornia Fri 24-Oct-08 15:49:27

ooh, sounds like a lovely box you are putting together! I'm sure they will love the book.

I put together a similar box for my friend and I also added:

Prestat chocolates -

Anna Campion hot water bottle and cover
I got a soft pink and blue one but I think they only have stripey at the minute - my friend adores it -not the sort of thing she would buy for herself but so comforting and snuggly when you're reading a book or have period pains. I'm sure you can get chaper ones elsewhere

Burts Bees hand repair kit -

anything from liz Earle also good -, little pots of Superbalm great for lips and nails, gold body shimmer lovely or a jar of her moisturiser for them to try

I love those jars of honey you get with a slab of honeycomb inside

CD - Songbird by Eva Cassidy, hauntingly beautiful

Stila eyeshadow in Kitten, a beautiful shimmery beige that looks like a crushed pearl and seems to be flattering on just about everyone

NBheebieGeebies Fri 24-Oct-08 15:56:12

This is a really good idea. I think I'm going to do this for my SIL too.

What about these PJ's
Only £6!

NBheebieGeebies Fri 24-Oct-08 15:57:33

Oh and if you enter GETLIPPY at the checkout, you get 20% off too.

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 21:50:54

Hot water bottle would be lovely, and I love Burts Bees stuff, didn't even think of them!

OK I think it's going to be:
2)Hot water bottle
3)Burts Bees set
4)Cheap pyjamas.

these hot water bottles are cheaper, what do you think?

Any other book suggestions, or would the same book so for all three? Is that a bit mean?

mavornia Fri 24-Oct-08 22:10:00

I would love to receive a box like that! I'm sure they will love it.

definitely go with the cheaper bottles - they are fab

I don't think anyone would mind getting the same book but other books that have gone particularly well with my friends are:

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Shops by India Knight (very funny and touching, not just about shopping - i love it and would carry it around in my handbag if I had room)
Anything by Bill Bryson but I particulary love A Walk in the Woods and Notes from a Small Island
How to Eat or Feast by Nigella Lawson if they are into cooking
Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin - memoirs, musings and recipes, she was a great wrter and love this book

mavornia Fri 24-Oct-08 22:16:40

just thought, the one into Pranic healing might like something like rose quartz crystals
or some rose quartz jewellery from the likes of [whispers] QVC

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 22:21:21

Good thinking though, there's a shop near me that sells them, might pop in over the weekend and check them out. I know nothing about Pranic healing but she lives her life according to it, really should make more of an effort...
Will look up those books. Where's the cheapest/easiest place to order books? Amazon?
Money is soooo tight, one of the brothers is getting married at start of December in Scotland so December is costing us a fortune already.

mavornia Fri 24-Oct-08 22:27:17

I always order mine from Amazon - but mostly because I live in Egypt and tend to order all my stuff in advance so it's there waiting for me when I arrive back home in Dec, I can't think of anywhere cheaper and I think they are doing free delivery for orders over a fiver at the minute

sod them all anyway - they are getting fab gifts and if money is tight I wouldn't worry about any more extras - a book would do them nicely!

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 22:32:25

yeah, I'm thinking of dropping the Burts Bees. Though my mother buys me a lot of it. Have an unopened Mama Bees Belly Cream tub which I think is now going to be the pampering aspect of the pg SILs box... Might have an unopened starter kit type one that'll do one of the others.

I live in Ireland and am due DC2 on wednesday so won't really have time/inclination to trawl shops for gifts, hence looking for decent websites. Sod them indeed!

mavornia Fri 24-Oct-08 22:49:49

ooh, congratulations! and you have an even better excuse than most of us for no tramping round looking for presents!

I'm Irish too - hope it's wet and cold over there for when I arrive in Dec!

i love re-gifting! I got Bohemia crystal from the wrold and his wife when I got married (it seems to be the only present you ever receive in Egypt) and I'm stil dishing it out for Christmas, house-warmings, weddings tc

macherie Fri 24-Oct-08 22:53:13

I bought 3 of these today, they are 3 for 2, so pretty good value, and they are really soft and cosy, here

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 22:53:59

I have one of these unopened and this unopened (and it's lovely stuff).
Would they be ok? I'm just wary of looking cheap, even though none of them will make any effort I know but it's nice to be nice.

Today was lovely but there's gale warnings for the weekend so you're in luck! It's going to be shagging miserable! I feel bad bringing a new baby into the world in bad weather, DD was born in May and I'm a bit loola at the moment with hormones so it's worrying me. I'm an awful eejit!

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 22:55:59

Macherie they look lovely. I presume they're available in store at 3 for 2, not just online? Don't think they ship to Ireland. They'd be perfect and I'm a sucker for anything on sale!

macherie Fri 24-Oct-08 22:59:54

Well, I bought mine in Dublin, Dundrum actually smile

macherie Fri 24-Oct-08 23:01:28

Just had a look at your profile, where do you sell your cakes?

mavornia Fri 24-Oct-08 23:03:20

Those are gorgeous sets - you'd be mad not to use them and save yourself some time and money. Embrace the art of re-gifting!

I tend to over-worry about gifts and I don't know why when other friggers people are happy to give one candlestick, expired chocolates, a lockable diary for girls aged 5 (don't know what my uncle was thinking when he bought me that one last Christmas)...

I was gutted that I never got to put ds in all the little snowsuits and hats I had for him. He was a March baby and we were in Egypt from May so I had no real call for them- your new arrival will be snug as a bug and a little bundle of cosiness!

those m&s hot water bottles are delightful - adding them to my list!

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 23:08:46

Oh that's handy, I'm in Monkstown so not far from there. Might try to drag someone there at the weekend for a last minute christmas shopping/ walk this baby out of me trip.

I just bake from home and then people email me with orders, don't supply shops or anything atm. I'm afraid of the work involved, and Health and Safety would tighten the reins on me a bit so they told me to keep it small scale. Plus, I'm soooo pregnant the idea of taking on a big order makes me want to have a nap!

mavornia, a lockable diaryhmmgrin

macherie Fri 24-Oct-08 23:27:04

Well, yes I'd say the stress of a trip to Dundrum this weekend would make to go into labour wink. Hamleys opened this week, took the dc yesterday after school, it was mobbed, imagine it on a wet Saturday afternoon.

Good luck with your new baby smile

Flowermum Fri 24-Oct-08 23:30:23

Christ, the stress of it might just make me pop alright! Might be better off to suggest it as a midweek venture with a friend. Though I was hoping to have the baby this weekend...

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